Exclusive interview with Brentford’s Yoane Wissa

By Sameer Naik16 May 2024

Exclusive interview with Brentford’s Yoane Wissa

Brentford midfielder Yoane Wissa is still in disbelief having reached the golden milestone of 100 appearances in the Premier League.

“That’s just crazy,” Wissa tells Showmax.

“I couldn’t believe it when the guys came to me and told me that I had reached 100 appearances. I got to this milestone so quickly.

I have been at Brentford for three years now, and I have played almost every game, so I am very happy and very proud to achieve the 100 games.”

Despite reaching the golden milestone, Wissa is still stunned by the number of games he’s racked up in arguably the best football league in the world.

“First of all, I never believed I would make it as a professional football player, let alone play in the Premier League, so to have the chance to play in this league is crazy. To play for DR Congo and to play in the Premier League is a dream come true. To have reached 100 games is such a massive thing, so I think my family will be very proud of what I have achieved.”

Wissa says he hopes his milestone will inspire other Congolese footballers to push for their dream of playing in the Premier League. “I’m happy to have reached this milestone as a Congolese player. Hopefully it will open doors for other Congolese players, and they will do better than me.

“It’s difficult to describe my feelings of reaching 100 games. It’s amazing for me, I am so proud of my achievements. I hope to reach many more milestones, and to play as much in the Premier League as possible.”

Back in his home country of DR Congo, Wissa says the support for Brentford has grown tremendously since his debut almost three years ago.

“The support has grown tremendously. As Congolese, we are a very proud country and support each other. Reaching this milestone of 100 games as a Congolese player is such a good thing for me as well as a good thing for my country of DR Congo. It will hopefully help other Congolese players get their big breaks in the Premier League as well.”

Wissa chose to play for Congo, despite being born in France. He says it was an easy decision to make as his heart has always been with Congo.

“It was my family that also motivated me to play for Congo. I was always also close to my Congo side, and so I am very happy with my choice. It was a long process for me to represent Congo, but it was so worth it. There are many Congo-born players that live in Belgium and chose to represent Belgium such as Romelu Lukaku. Belgium got a really good team and so you understand why these players have made that choice, but I am very happy to represent Congo.”

Asked which African players he looked up to in the Premier League, Wissa says there are many.
“I’m happy because there’s a lot of African players in the Premier League, and it’s getting better and better.

“Of course, African players such as Mo Salah and Sadio Mane are players to look up to. They were among the best footballers in the world during their peak. Now there are lots of new African players in the Premier League that are performing well, and I am happy to see that.”

Brentford’s final game of the season

Brentford vs Newcastle – Sunday, 19 May at 17:00.

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