Explosive drama unleashed at The Real Housewives of Abuja Reunion Part 2

5 June 2023

Explosive drama unleashed at The Real Housewives of Abuja Reunion Part 2

The hotly anticipated second episode of The Real Housewives of Abuja Reunion has arrived, packing explosive drama as the women confront each other and then attempt to settle deep-seated tensions.

The episode kicks off with reconciling Arafa, Comfort and Princess’s conflict, which started when Arafa called security on Princess during a heated argument at her house. Princess believes she was set up by both women, but Comfort interjects, rubbishing claim of any trap. “She wasn’t ambushed, there’s no need for that,” Comfort says. Princess doesn’t agree because she felt she was humiliated from the door and that both women attacked her for no reason.

When the host, Akah Nnani, turns to OJ Posharella for her opinion on Princess’s reaction, her response stirs up trouble. “I obviously think [it] was overly too much, and first of all, you don’t disrespect someone in their own house. That’s the problem about the training,” OJ says, implying bad upbringing. Naturally, Princess takes offence, leading to a heated war of words between the two women.

OJ’s goddaughter, Jaruma, is surprised the women are attacking each other. “I didn’t know the relationship between them has gotten this bad,” she says, but the tension between them has been cooking for a while.

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The remainder of the episode focuses on addressing most of the issues that came up as the season approached its end.

Arafa’s accusation of fakeness

“Arafa, why did everything seem fake?” Nnani raises the issue of Arafa’s tendency to question the authenticity of others. Arafa, never one to hold back, gives an intriguing response. “Okay, so, not everyone is fake,” she begins. “[But] when I smell a fake apology, I can tell.”

Arafa in The Real Housewives of Abuja Reunion

We then get a video montage, highlighting moments when Arafa questioned the sincerity of Princess and Tutu’s apologies and the authenticity of OJ’s diamonds. OJ says most of the ladies implied similar doubts, but she was particularly pained by Arafa’s comment due to their existing friendship.

Reconciliation between Tutu and Comfort

The rise and fall of Tutu and Comfort’s relationship was one of the season highlights. Their admiration for each other was evident early on, but a generational divide and misinterpretations strained their friendship, leading to misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

Comfort often speaks in a language Tutu doesn’t get while Tutu’s use of words like “lit” confuses Comfort.

In this episode, both women admit there is still love between them. When Nnani asks if they are willing to make amends, Comfort replies, “I have no problem. I honestly felt bad that she hated me so much.”

Tutu is also open to reconciliation and understanding Comfort better going forward.

Tutu vs Samantha: Part 2

The unresolved conflict from last week between Tutu and Samantha about a young admirer takes centre stage again. Nnani gives Samantha an opportunity to clarify the situation. “Tutu claimed I tried to take her toaster’s contact. She again said word on the streets is saying this about me,” she starts. “Where did this one come from?”

Samantha in The Real Housewives of Abuja Reunion

Tutu evades the question, then claims that Samantha had gossiped about her with Comfort, provoking her to retaliate. Samantha insists that there is more to the story and accuses Tutu of acting out of hatred.

“I’ve heard lot of horrible things about you,” she confronts Tutu. “But Tutu, have I ever told you that ‘oh, I heard this, you’re doing this, you’re doing that?’ It doesn’t make sense, there is no point telling people bad things you heard about them.”

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