Faniswa Yisa on her role as the nursing sister Lindiwe in DAM

25 February 2021

Faniswa Yisa on her role as the nursing sister Lindiwe in DAM

In the eight-part psychological thriller, DAM, Lindiwe Zita plays a crucial role in bringing different characters and dove-tailing storylines together as she goes through a terrifying, and potentially deadly, transformation.

We spoke to South African star and Africa Movie Academy Award (AMAA) nominee Faniswa Yisa about Lindiwe’s significance in the show, and some of her other roles.

Update: Season 2 of DAM is now streaming on Showmax.

How would you describe DAM?

It’s a psychological thriller set in the Eastern Cape, featuring a host of South Africa’s most recognised names. It follows a young lady with a promising career who goes on to study overseas, but when her father passes on she has to come back for the funeral and she’s forced to stay in her childhood home.

At some point she notices things are eerie and she says “the house is trying to tell her a story”. In that process she begins noticing that there are so many secrets and dynamics at play, it’s all so intense.

I don’t want to reveal too much but it touches on so many relevant stories in today’s society: from land ownership to abduction, trafficking and so much more.

Tell us about your character.

I play the role of Lindiwe, who grew up in a small town and is now a nurse. She’s got a brother, Lazarus, who is a healer, and you actually end up seeing a lot of Lazarus in Lindiwe, but I won’t tell you in which way.

Lindiwe is not only a healer, she is also the glue in the difficult race relations taking place in the town – which the show doesn’t shy away from. At work, she is with one group of people, at home she is with another – and neither of them likes the other. So she has to deal with wearing different hats.

Do you think Showmax Originals like DAM make this an exciting time for South African storytelling?

Absolutely. Platforms like these give us the opportunity to tell stories that previously weren’t being told, or that didn’t have a home. Now the shackles are loose, and writers, directors and actors can explore stories like never before.

What was it like starring in Knuckle City, which you got your AMAA nomination for?

Oh my, you’re taking me back!

That’s another intense film, but once again, it’s a very real and authentic story that many from these types of communities are used to watching day in and day out in their lives. It’s a powerfully told story.

From left: Pallance Dladla as Themba, Faniswa Yisa as Lindiwe, Thembisa Mdoda-Nxumalo as Qaqamba in DAM

What else is coming up this year?

I can’t reveal too much – but keep your eyes on Showmax, that’s all I will say! There’s another production I’m a part of that will be dropping later this year.

All episodes of DAM S1 and S2 are ready to binge-watch on Showmax.

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