Flawsome S2: A look back at the season as final episode is now streaming

2 May 2024

Flawsome S2: A look back at the season as final episode is now streaming

Dramatic, entertaining, inspiring, tear-jerking and some butterflies-in-the tummy moments were some of the emotions the second season of Showmax Original, Flawsome delivered. Following an interesting 13-episode run this season, the ladies of Flawsome bow out for Season 2. It was a ride and more and fans can now binge watch all the episodes on Showmax.  

Flawsome follows the lives of four ambitious friends – Ifeyinwa, Ramat, Ivie, and Dolapo – trying to navigate their personal and professional lives while battling the challenges of being a woman in modern society. Season 2 came with new challenges for each character: Ifeyinwa (Bisola Aiyeola), a tech enthusiast, struggled with alcoholism, which led to disturbing hallucinations of her dead mother. Ramat (Ini Dima Okojie) faced the unraveling of her seemingly perfect marriage while also struggling to run the NGO without her husband. Ivie (Sharon Ooja) struggled to manage her fashion business on her own and also got involved in what looked like a healthy relationship, while Dolapo (Enado Odigie) juggled her professional duties with managing her friends’ needs.

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In this second season, tensions between Ramat, Ivie, and Dolapo came to a head and led to confrontations, but their ability to face the conflict head-on proved the strength of their friendship. They also encountered old adversaries, with Dolapo facing confrontations from Ranti (Gabriel Afolayan), including an attempted arrest. She also had to deal with Sedi (Mena Sodje), who not only tried to take advantage of her but also blamed Dolapo for the loss of her pregnancy. Ivie found herself in a tricky and scandalous situation on social media when an “oppressor” of upcoming designers took credit for her design. Meanwhile, Ifeyinwa struggled with alcoholism and a difficult and problematic colleague, Timi (Okey Uzoeshi). Ramat became her own greatest problem due to her over-ambitiousness and lack of strategic thinking before diving into situations headfirst.

As there were the lows, so were the highs. It was exciting to see the ladies find love, regardless of how the stories ended or the obstacles they faced. This season introduced new relationships like the “Abdulapo” ship which was going well until Dolapo revealed in Episode 12 that she wanted a child more than a man, which did not produce a favourable result in the love story. Also, it was a breath of fresh air to see Ivie in what looked like a healthy relationship with Efosa (James Gardiner), until they experienced a misunderstanding that put their relationship on the line. Ifeyinwa and Clark (Melvin Oduah) served goals throughout the season, with the way Clark was ever ready to stand by her through anything. Finally, Ramat and Uduak rekindled their love after an attempted divorce and intense sexual urges. 

Still, on the highs, Ivie had a big win in her career with her design getting featured in a major fashion magazine. Dolapo’s client won the election, leading to a long list of potential clients who needed her magic touch. Ifeyinwa was able to get help, got into therapy, and was on an alcohol cleanse. 

This second season was a breath of fresh air and it was exciting to see all the ladies go through the ups and downs of life thrown at them and come out with their heads held high, while still maintaining their strong bond and being able to stick together and be there for each other.

To catch up on a captivating blend of drama, friendship, and self-discovery, binge-watch the entire season on Showmax. You can also join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #FlawsomeShowmax.

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