Gat in die Muur (2016)

4 August 2023

Gat in die Muur (2016)

Gat in die Muur (aka Hole in the Wall) is a story about discovering life on your final journey.  

Diagnosed with colon cancer and medicating with marijuana, the free-spirited Riaan embarks on a road trip through South Africa with his son, Ben, and the mysterious Ava to visit Riaan’s best friend, Toni, who manages their farm in the Transkei. 

The movie earned Tinarie van Wyk Loots (Troukoors) the 2021 SAFTA for Best Actress in a Feature Film. Director Andre Odendaal (DAM), who also stars, was nominated for Best Actor as Riaan, and Nicholas Campbell was up for Best Supporting Actor as Ben. 

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