Get up to date with all the drama on Flawsome S2

26 April 2024

Get up to date with all the drama on Flawsome S2

Flawsome S2: The drama continues … 

The past few episodes of Season 2 of the Nigerian Showmax Original Flawsome have been packed with more drama as the ladies continue to navigate their journeys and face some surprising curveballs. The drama gets more intense with every episode, and the complexities of life are not making things any easier for the Flawsome ladies.

It has been a rollercoaster of situations for each woman, from new and potential love interests to sexual frustration, to questions around alcoholism – plus a whole lot more unexpected turns.

Let’s dive into all the juicy and emotional updates on the ladies in Episodes 6 to 11!

Enado Odigie as Dolapo in Flawsome S2 on Showmax

Dolapo (Enado Odigie), who always wants to come through for everyone, juggles her professional duties with managing her friends’ needs. Her clients present her with more demanding challenges. Yet, amid the chaos, Dolapo’s support for her friends remained constant. Ranti’s attempted arrest of Dolapo in Episode 9 proves that he is all bark and no bite. 

In Episode 10, she faces several confrontations: from Ranti’s wahala, to Ramat constantly attacking her for trying to help, and then Sedi who decides to blame Dolapo for the loss of her pregnancy. Despite all this, Dolapo manages to tackle every problem with grace. But one good thing we absolutely love to see is the “Abdulapo” ship that seems to be sailing. 

Ini-Dima Okojie as Ramat in Flawsome on Showmax

Meanwhile, Ramat (Ini-Dima Okojie) finds herself at a crossroads in her rocky marriage. She’s battling loneliness and intense sexual urges, which Uduak (Baaj Adebule) clearly can’t satisfy. In Episode 7, they had a failed attempt at intimacy that left Ramat daydreaming for a minute.

She also struggles to run the NGO without him and is stuck with Efosa, whose guts she totally hates. Her reaction at the office is no surprise, as Ramat is known for jumping into situations head first without a plan. In Episode 11, her over-ambitiousness leads her into a complicated and dangerous situation. 

Ivie (Sharon Ooja) continues to focus on her business, following a win against an “oppressor” of upcoming designers. She finds hope when she secures a significant deal that breathes new life into her brand in Episode 7. 

In Episode 6, she put on her big sister cap and invited her sister to live with her. She is currently supporting her and helping her through her trauma. Well done, Ivie. 

Ivie is also in a romantic situation with Efosa who may have fallen deeply in love with her. The couple seems to be doing well and in Episode 11 we see how strong their relationship is. It’s a breath of fresh air to see Ivie in what looks like a healthy relationship. 

Bisola Aiyeola as Ifeyinwa in Flawsome on Showmax

But perhaps the most poignant journey is that of Ifeyinwa (Bisola Aiyeola), whose struggle with alcoholism, which has led to disturbing hallucinations of her dead mother, has reached a dangerous tipping point. Landing in the hospital was a wake-up call, revealing her struggles to her girls and prompting her to seek help from a therapist. With the support of her friends, Ifeyinwa embarks on the challenging path to recovery, determined to conquer her demons and reclaim control of her life. And after the way he handled Timi, we can all agree that it’s safe to ship Ifeyinwa and Clark.

It has been a wild ride, and it does not look like the drama will let up, not that we want it to!  Each episode keeps us on our feet and asking for more. Let’s see how they find Ramat, and if Ranti gets humbled by what Dolapo has up her sleeves for him.

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