Ghana Jollof and the tales boys tell

5 December 2021

Ghana Jollof and the tales boys tell

The fun in university is in the stories we tell. The more appropriate word is tales because they are always outlandish. Everyone is eager to impress, so they spice their stories with exaggerations (and lies). This plays out in the first episode of Showmax’s Ghana Jollof, where the main characters, Jasper, Romanus, Kweko and Nnamdi, meet in their dormitory at the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

They all want to impress each other, so they tell hyperbolic stories of their backgrounds and personalities. Romanus says he got a JAMB score of 390; Jasper, eager to show he’s more intelligent, says he scored 450 — 50 over the total mark. How? Well, that’s just the beginning. Nnamdi wants to show everyone he’s fashionable. He claims his shirt is original and imported (you know we Nigerians love foreign); he’s lying, but why?

Nigeria respects class and superiority, and in universities where different classes meet, no one wants to look poor. You flavour your story a little (or plenty) to make yourself presentable and get respect. These are some of the stories from the Ghana Jollof lead characters.

Jasper and first-class tales

For Jasper, being smart is being cool, and he wants everyone to know he’s brainy. His grades say otherwise, but he claims first-class honours anyway. He’s arguably intelligent and well-read, but those don’t translate to excellent grades. So, he’s decided if he says it repeatedly, everyone will believe he indeed finished with distinctions.

Nnamdi and the allure of foreign

Nnamdi is the group’s guy man: a trendy guy who understands the Nigerian respect for anything foreign and uses that to his advantage. When we first meet him, he speaks unprovoked about the imported shirt he’s wearing and his designer shoes. Jasper and Romanus, both from poor homes, swallow every word he says, but when Trust Fund kid Kweko enters the room and looks at the shoe in disgust, Nnamdi realizes he’s been caught out, but as a guy man, he waves it off.

Romanus and borrow pose

Romanus is the ultimate looking-rich-while-broke boy. Naija boys are good at this; they play rich to get girls. Romanus can’t afford a decent shirt to match the personality he’s sold to his date, so he borrows from the rich Kweku. He goes further by using Kweku’s luxurious living room as the date location, posing as the Oga of the house.

Kweko and the curse of the sweet boy

Sweet boy, fresh guy. Like cast member Joselyn Dumas describe him, kweku is an eye-candy. It is clear women love him. He has it all – physique, a fine face and wealthy background – but he is a true romantic dating a Lagos babe with many uncles, cousins, and besties. When he catches her cheating, she blames it on him. His guys talk sense into him, but he lies to feign his control of the relationship. Men and their ego.

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