Gomora Season 3: Thati’s turned into a badass queen

By Xabiso Ngqabe15 July 2022

Gomora Season 3: Thati’s turned into a badass queen

Thati refuses to have anything to do with her mother as Qhoqhoqho threatens to kill the entire family.

When we first met Thati in Season 1 of Mzansi Magic’s hit telenovela Gomora, she was living it up in Sandton. But when she lost her rich husband, everything came crashing down and she went back to the hustle and bustle of Alexandra.

Thati’s life has been like a rollercoaster ride filled with a lot of ups and downs but she always comes out gracefully. From losing her son, Langa, to Buhle going missing and not forgetting her messy entanglement with Melusi. Not long ago, Thati and Phumlani recently tied the knot but Phumlani started being abusive to her. Phumlani attempted to kill Thati but Melusi came right on time to rescue her. Now Mel is doing time in jail for killing Phumlani.

Let’s recap the most shocking moments leading to Thati’s evolution in Gomora Season 3:

Thati turns against her own family

This all started when Mam’ Sonto and the rest of the family worshipped at Phumlani’s feet as they all believed that he was a good guy for Thati. Little did they know that he was an abuser and a dangerous man. After Phumlani’s death, everyone in the Molefe family blamed Thati and couldn’t believe that Phumlani was abusing her. 


Very often the abusive partners are the most trusted and loved by family, and Phumlani was no different in this case. Thati decided to turn her back on her family. No matter how hard Mam’Sonto tries to make amends, she keeps hitting a brick wall.

She has become Miss Independent 

Thati has become more independent while also being a lot more vulnerable. She has asserted herself as a woman that can stand on her own two feet. The viewers love to see and root for this side of Thati!

This season we’ve watched Thati go from the soft woman to being broken and vulnerable in a way we’ve never experienced her before. When Qhoqhoqho and his goons kidnapped Gugu, it was Thati who assembled her squad to go take on the hostel hitmen and she found Gugu safe.

Mike Junior becomes Thati’s lifesaver 

One of the new characters we got introduced to this season is Mike Junior (portrayed by Tiisetso Thoka (The Herd, Isithembiso), also known as June-July. He planned to unleash havoc if Mam’ Sonto doesn’t pay his father’s supposed money he should have left to him. Remember, Mike is Mam’ Sonto’s love interest who was killed by MaZet and now his son is here to avenge his death.

Mike Jnr is Qhoqhoqho’s protégé and together they have been plotting to wipe out the entire Molefe family. But when Mike Jnr finally had a chance to kill Thati, he instead turned his knife towards Qhoqhoqho and stabbed him. He claims that he did this for Thati, who he has feelings for. Qhoqhoqho survived after spending days in Hospital and wants to kill them both.

Will Thati warm up to Mike Junior’s pursuits and become a tag team with him?

Watch all the drama in this new season of Gomora S3 which is streaming on Showmax, express from Mzansi Magic.

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