Grassroots: Asanda is a dodgy boyfriend but a great mate!

By Zibuyile Dladla9 September 2019

Grassroots: Asanda is a dodgy boyfriend but a great mate!

In this week’s episode of Grassroots, the drama is ramped up further as the guys deal with some real issues.

Monwabisi considers dropping out of school

After discovering that Funeka has cancer, Monwabisi has taken it upon himself to immediately drop out of school and take care of his mother – a decision that Funeka is firmly against. Funeka wants her son to continue with schooling, but Monwabisi is hell-bent in playing his role as the man of the house.

Asanda to the rescue

Throughout these past few episodes, Asanda and Monwabisi have become each other’s pillars of strength as they try to balance school and this journey they’ve embarked on into manhood.

Although the two may have their differences, Asanda manages to convince Monwabasi not to drop out. Thankfully, Asanda’s words did not fall on deaf ears.

This is also the first time we see Asanda refer to Monwabisi as not only a friend but a brother. Quite ironic as a few weeks ago, the two couldn’t even stand being in one room together.

Asanda’s betrayal

Asanda has a lot on his plate. Between school, Monwabisi, rugby and juggling two girls – it is only a matter of time that things catch up to him.

Could Nolwazi be losing Asanda to Bontle?

Nolwazi is beginning to suspect that there is another girl in the picture and her suspicions are correct. There is another young lady that has caught Asanda’s attention. Although Nolwazi loves Asanda dearly and is faithful to him, will she stand to stick around and watch him make a fool out of her?

Asanda’s guilt

Another guilt that weighs heavy on Asanda’s mind is the death of Monwabisi’s father.

Funeka finds an anonymous letter

In a sudden turn of events, Asanda writes an anonymous letter to Funeka apologising for what happened to her husband. Will his guilt help Funeka get to the bottom of what transpired on the night her husband died?

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