2 September 2019

Grassroots: Is Funeka considering Buzwe’s marriage proposal?

While Funeka struggles with her health and Epainette’s marriage continues to crumble, you have to wonder if these women will ever get the break they deserve.

Funeka’s battle with cancer

Although Funeka has a strong fighting spirit, we see her health taking a knock in the most recent episode. Things are looking bleak for Monwabisi’s mom, but despite her ailing health Funeka is still determined to find out who killed her husband.

Funeka has even hinted to Epainette that to get what she wants, she is also considering accepting Buzwe’s proposal of becoming his second wife.

The idea of introducing a second wife to the family has Epainette filled with anger and resentment, not only towards Buzwe but towards Funeka as well, especially as she is currently trying to mend their broken friendship.

Epainette’s marriage is in shambles

Ever since Buzwe laid his hands on Epainette, their marriage has experienced one blow after the other. Epainette is desperately trying to play the good wife, but Buzwe is not making it easy for her.

When he finally shares his plans for marrying Funeka, all hell breaks loose. Epainette breaks out in a rage of anger, but Buzwe is not bothered and reminds Epainette that he does not need to consult her with the decisions he makes for the family.

Monwabisi and Ayanda’s bond is getting stronger

While the adults are making immature decisions and engaging in cat-fights, the kids seem to be doing a better job at acting like adults.

Asanda’s support of Monwabisi during this trying time has shown that the two young men need each other more than they thought and that the feud between their families is actually bringing them closer.

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