Grassroots: Monwabisi’s one-man battle against St Sebastian’s

21 August 2019

Grassroots: Monwabisi’s one-man battle against St Sebastian’s

After surviving a near-death experience, for Monwabisi, it seems like packing his bags and heading back to the Eastern Cape is a much more enticing decision than staying in the hostile environment of St Sebastian’s.

If you watched Grassroots last week, you’ll know that the recent initiation incident that almost went south has taught Monwabisi a lot about being the outcast in a prestigious school that favours those with deep pockets. In normal circumstances, the students who placed his life in danger would’ve immediately been brought to book, but because of their parent’s status and financial contribution to the school, they got away with a slap on the wrist.

Shocked and angered by the lenient punishment handed down to the culprits, Monwabisi now strongly feels that he has his back against the wall with no one to turn to. Even though Asanda and Phakamisa were the first two people to rescue him, Monwabisi does not feel obligated to feel grateful for their actions.

It is only through a brief yet touching moment with Phakamisa’s grandmother that Monwabaisi reconsiders throwing in the towel and heading back to his home village.

Monwabisi’s will power is really being tested, but hopefully Gogo’s words of encouragement have not fallen on deaf ears.

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