Hacks S2
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23 November 2022

Hacks S2

In September, Jean Smart took home the 2022 Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy for the second year running for her performance as legendary Las Vegas comedian Deborah Vance. Hacks S2 also won Emmys for Outstanding Guest Actress (Laurie Metcalfe from The Big Bang Theory and Lady Bird), and Contemporary Costumes from its 17 nominations, which included Best Comedy.

Season 2 continues to explore the evolving mentorship between the acerbic Deborah and her young, entitled writer, Ava (Hannah Einbinder, nominated for back-to-back Emmys for this breakthrough role).

Season 2 has a 100% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes, where it’s the fourth best-reviewed show of 2022 so far. IndieWire praised Hacks as “a series of endless wonders”; AV Club wrote that the new season is “pitch-perfect” starring “a never-better Jean Smart”; and The Wrap adds, it “remains one of the most consummately funny shows on TV.”

Plus, HBO Max has already renewed Hacks for a third season.

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