Hard to Get
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5 October 2020

Hard to Get

TK (Pallance Dladla) is too cool for school. He’s handsome, he’s brave, he’s the perfect bad-boy all the guys want to be like, and all the girls want to be with. But he meets his match in Skiets (Thishiwe Ziqubu) a head-turner who’s badder than the baddest in town.

It’s love at first sight despite warnings from people like tavern owner Greezy (soap icon Jerry Mofokeng) and TK finds out the hard way why Skiets has her reputation. She’s wild – robberies, stealing cars, armed heists… you name it, she does it, and it excites her too Until they go too far and steal from local crimelord Mugza (Israel Makoe)…

The action is frantic, the drama thrilling, and the actors are perfect. Director Zee Ntuli has struck gold with his first film, and it’s not surprising that someone like Todd Brown from screenanarchy.com reviews the award-winning film like this: “A hugely entertaining ride crafted with skill and gifted with a cadre of hugely charismatic performers put to great use, it’s an auspicious debut from a significant talent. Keep an eye on Ntuli. He’s only going to get better and he’s already pretty damn good.”

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