HBO comedy Camping is now on Showmax

15 October 2018

HBO comedy Camping is now on Showmax

Camping, HBO’s new hit comedy from Girls duo Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, is now streaming first and only on Showmax in Africa.

Jennifer Garner returns to TV in her first role since her Golden Globe-winning and Emmy-nominated lead role in Alias. She plays Kathryn, a controlling LA mom who gathers together her meek sister (Ione Skye from Fever Pitch), her holier-than-thou ex-best friend (Janicza Bravo) and a free-spirited tagalong (Oscar-nominee Juliette Lewis) to mark the 45th birthday of her husband David (David Tennant from Jessica Jones and Broadchurch) – and what was supposed to be a delightful, back-to-nature camping trip quickly becomes a weekend of tested marriages and woman-on-woman crime that won’t soon be forgotten. Arturo Del Puerto (Independence Day: Resurgence), Brett Gelman (Stranger Things) and Bridget Everett (Trainwreck) co-star.

The eight-part comedy is based on the BAFTA-nominated British comedy of the same name, which The Guardian hailed as “a gloriously bleak comedy masterpiece… There’s no better comedy around at the moment.”

“When we saw Julia Davis’ hilarious UK Camping, we knew this was the most fun concept for writers and actors,” says Dunham. “We are so excited by our cast. We are so excited by this story. We are so excited to make you never want to go to the woods again.”

The ensemble cast – Juliette Lewis as Jandice in particular – have been praised as “stellar” by critics.

Spin says, “Jandice, the kooky new age free spirit, is not exactly a surprising character for Lewis, but Dunham and Konner give her space to have fun with the role in a way that transcends the potential typecasting. She relishes the opportunity, and the molotov cocktails she throws in Kathryn’s scheduled-to-death outing provide Camping with some of its energetic sequences.”

And Vulture writes that “it’s impossible not to get a kick out of [Jennifer Garner’s] performance.”

Start streaming Camping on Showmax now. New episodes land every Monday, express from the US broadcast.

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