Here’s your Wura character based on your zodiac sign

31 May 2023

Here’s your Wura character based on your zodiac sign

Since its premiere on Showmax earlier in the year, Wura has gone on to become a fan-favourite while also racking up an AMVCA Best Actress in a Drama nomination for its lead character, Scarlet Gomez aka Wura.

Meet the Wura cast

From Wura’s blind ambition to Tumi’s doggedness, the characters on Wura exhibit distinct qualities that can be attributed to various signs of the zodiac.

Here’s your Wura character based on your zodiac.

Wura Adeleke

Wura on Showmax

Our titular character Wura is as tough as they come. Like the Aries sign, she is bold, determined, and ambitious.

People born under this fire sign dive headfirst into the most difficult situations in order to triumph. Wura is determined to achieve her goals and does everything in her power to do so. A true star girl!

Jeje Amoo

Jeje and Tumi in Wura Season 1 on Showmax

Mischievous troublemaker? Check! Jeje and trouble clearly go hand in hand. Wura’s right-hand man is unmistakably a Capricorn!

Jeje, like Capricorns, has boundless ambition and resilience. If you exhibit similar traits, then you’re most likely a Capricorn as well.

Femi Durojaiye

Wura episodes 5-8 on Showmax

Femi, Femi, Femi!

Femi exhibits rather covetous behaviour with little thought. Being cunning is on par with the worst Scorpio traits. But they’re also very smart and passionate!

Tumininu Kuti

Wura is on Showmax

Diligent and hard-working, that’s a Virgo for you. Tumininu fully embodies what the earth sign is about. Virgos are also logical, practical and systematic in their approach to life, something we see in Tumi in almost every episode of Wura.

Tony Adeleke

Wura is on Showmax

Hello, Libra. A lover boy through and through! Libras value harmonious relationships and are drawn to fashionable partners such as Wura, whose spectacular outfits deserve a shoutout! They’re also all about equity, balance, and justice, traits Tony exhibits all too well.


Wura episode 51

“Are you the drama?”. That’s definitely Mandy, given her endless bants with her archenemy, Eve (those side comments), not to mention how she constantly wants Lolu in her radar. Mandy is fabulous, dramatic, and theatrical. A Leo is someone who enjoys being in the spotlight and the centre of attention, most certainly Mandy.

Dimeji and Lolu

Lolu in Wura Season 1

The lover boys of the Iperindo community. They love fast and hard like the people born under the Pisces sign. They tend to give their lovers many chances and love the deepest. Does that sound familiar to any Pisces reading this?


Wura is on Showmax

Aquarius are seen as larger than life and fiercely independent. Paulina stands out as a distinct character in her own right, full of life and self-sufficient like all true Aquarians.

Aunty Labake

Wura is on Showmax

If family-oriented was a sign, that would be Cancer, and that’s exactly what Aunty Labake is. Fiercely loyal and protective of those she considers to be her own, Aunty Labake is a true Cancer.

Iyabo Kuti

Wura is on Showmax

Loyal, determined and strong under pressure are just some of the traits the Taurus woman embodies, just like Iyabo Kuti, matriarch of the Kuti clan. Following the death of her husband, Iyabo rises to the challenge of providing for and steering her family through the tough times ahead, very much like the Taurus woman.

Grace Adeleke

Wura episode 19 on Showmax

Wura’s archnemesis and doting mother to her son, Tony, Grace Adeleke is exactly who she thinks she is. Discerning, vivacious, and highly opinionated, she says exactly what’s on her mind just like a Sagittarius.

Eve Adeleke

Eve in Wura S1 on Showmax

When Eve is not throwing jabs at her brother’s girlfriend, she is charming the socks off her favourite people in true Gemini style. But be careful around this one, her charm will push you to share your deepest and darkest secret. Ask Lolu!

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