Housekeepers: Who survived the S2 finale?

9 September 2020

Housekeepers: Who survived the S2 finale?

Season 2 of Housekeepers has been nothing short of epic. This is not an exaggeration, by the way. Every single episode had viewers on the edge of their seats and there were too many twists and turns. Just when we thought we had seen it all, the finale proved to be the mother of all showstoppers.

Mkhonto turns against Noli

It first started with Mkhonto and Noli discovering that the house had been bugged. They wanted to know who was behind it and Linda was identified as the culprit. She was tied up and Noli left Mkhonto to take care of the rest.

When Mkhonto was ready to end Linda’s life, she begged her to stop and even ended up telling her that she’s June Ndlovu’s daughter. This obviously caught Mkhonto by surprise. Linda told Mkhonto that the police had a case against her and she could save herself by turning against Noli.

“Testify against Noli and you might find some redemption. Mkhonto, if I don’t call the cops in the next two minutes, the deal they have for you is going to be off the table,” Linda told her.

Mkhonto was hesitant at first but she finally came to her senses and decided to look out for herself. After that conversation with Linda, Mkhonto made Noli believe that Linda was out of the picture for good.

Noli shoots and kills Clive

Meanwhile, she was working with the cops and made a deal that would send Noli to prison.

“I’ll get you a hard drive with everything about the business on it,” she told Conway. She was given two hours to finish everything. Before she left, she told Linda to play dead until she completed her mission.

While Mkhonto was planning to take her closest ally down, Noli, on the other hand, was working hard to ruin Mtho’s life. Noli finally found Mtho’s whereabouts, got to the house with one of the men who worked for her and snatched Mtho. While her partner in crime was taking him to the car, Noli realised that there was someone else in the house. Without even thinking, she fired her gun, not knowing that it was Clive she was shooting.

She realised that she had made a big mistake and lost her mind. But it was too late and Clive passed away right in front of her eyes. A short while later, Linda walked in and saw blood everywhere. She knew something was not right and her first thought was her brother.

Almost everybody dies in the end

She rushed to the Ngubane home, called Mkhonto and asked her to open the gate for her.

Linda walked in with a gun in her hand and started looking around the house for Noli. Linda came in at the right time because Noli was preparing to kill Mtho and she had put Clive’s body next to him.

Linda quickly tried to untie Mtho but couldn’t finish as Noli appeared. They both pointed guns at each other and that’s when a shot was fired. Noli fell to the ground, and Linda realised that she had also been shot. Conway came rushing in and while Linda was on the floor, nursing her wound, he shot Mkhonto. Linda had no time to celebrate all the hard work that she had done but it seems she is finally at peace.

She lay on the floor and said the following: “I felt warm and tired. I couldn’t get up. It occurred to me, I was dying too and that was okay. I had done the best that I could. I was cleared of the Zwide murders and Mtho would get Veronica’s estate.”

Fans gave the show overwhelming love throughout the season and the finale received rave reviews. Now we look forward to seeing what these brilliant actors have in store for us next. You can relieve all the drama from Season 2 of Housekeepers on Showmax.

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