How to handle a breakup: lessons from Bonang Matheba

8 February 2019

How to handle a breakup: lessons from Bonang Matheba

We know February is the month of love and all things beautiful. This is the time where lovers celebrate and shower each other with gifts, expensive trips and even marriage proposals. While this is exciting and wonderous, we cannot hide from the fact that sometimes, even in the month of love, some relationships come to an end. We’ve seen this a couple of times, and if you’ve found yourself single and heartbroken, we might be able to help you!

You see, over a year ago, Bonang Matheba (who you’ll see in Being Bonang, Seasons 1 to 3 are on Showmax) also went through a breakup. For about two years, the media personality was in a very public relationship with award-winning rapper AKA. The former lovebirds were always a hot topic – whether they were walking the red carpet together, travelling overseas, or being affectionate on social media. But sadly, things just didn’t work and they went their separate ways.

Although breakups are no fun, both AKA and Queen B seem to have moved on with their lives, and it even looks like they’re happier than ever.

So, how did the “Queen of Everything” nurse the pain? Here are the tips she gave in Season 2 of her hit reality show Being Bonang. (Seasons 1-3 are on Showmax now.)

1. You need to cry

If you’re wondering how Bonang handled the heartbreak, the former Top Billing presenter reveals all on Season 2 of Being Bonang.

“Let me tell you how I dealt with my breakup: you cry and cry and cry,” she said on the hit show.

2. Heartbreak is about overcoming

When she turned 31 last year, B graced the cover of True Love magazine, where she shared 31 powerful lessons about everything. The multi award-winning personality emphasised the fact that no one is immune to heartbreak. She told the publication: “You can be a superstar, have all the money in the world and grace the cover of True Love and your heart will be broken. That’s my life lesson.”

She added: “How you react to heartbreak builds your character and will strengthen you. You reach rock bottom and it forces you to get up and pull yourself together.”

3. Never look back

If you’re thinking of giving your ex another chance, you might want to hold that thought. Bonang has shown us that once you leave someone, you should probably never go back!

Speaking to Drum magazine, Bonang was asked what she misses the most about her famous ex.  “I miss nothing, or I don’t know, maybe he was funny, I guess – that’s it,” she told the publication. Ouch! (Think that’s a burn? Don’t miss the Comedy Central Roast of AKA, coming to Showmax on 12 March 2019, to see how the Supa Mega handles the heat from the likes of Davido, Nina Hastie and Francois van Coke.)

Well, there’s a lot more to be learned from Bonang, we promise. If you want to see how she happily lives her life as a single person then you’d better watch Seasons 1-3 of Being Bonang, streaming on Showmax now!

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