I Blew It S1-4

6 June 2022

I Blew It S1-4

Ever dreamt of winning the lottery or scoring an inheritance from a long-lost relation that transforms your life overnight?

Not so fast – ‘cos those dreams turn treasure into tragedy when cash vanishes in a flash in reality show I Blew It. You’re gonna hear tales so amazingly sad and bad that by the end of the four seasons your empty bank account won’t be such a bad thing every month.

And it’s not outrageous spending on Gucci, Prada, Fendi and Louis Vuitton bags that has these people sobbing in their seats now that they’ve got nothing to show for their financial headwind.

 They’ve done silly things like invested in bad companies, loaned money to untrustworthy friends, bought cars and houses and failed to repay their loans, only to come up short short short!

If you thought that money could buy you happiness, watch I Blew It. Because these people are anything but happy!

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