In The Queen, Skhali is the leader of the boyfriend club

9 June 2020

In The Queen, Skhali is the leader of the boyfriend club

From romantic moments between Gigi and Skhali, to Siyanda concealing the truth from Kagiso about her miscarriage, this week on The Queen was loaded with so much drama and we’re here for it.

Skhali becomes the answer to Gigi’s never-ending problems

For the past week, Gigi’s been searching for a guy who is willing to pretend to be her boyfriend for a few hours.

This sudden search for a new man began when Gigi lied (for no reason) about having a boyfriend. No one in her line of work or her family has ever met this mystery man. The news of her lover raised a lot of curiosity, especially from Vuyiswa.

In the quest to know more about this unknown boyfriend, Vuyiswa invited Gigi to a dinner date and asked that she bring her mystery man to dinner as well.

Dinner turns into a disaster

After Schumacher declined the request to be her bae for the night, Gigi did the unthinkable and approached Skhali, a dodgy loan shark.

At dinner, Jerry and Vuyiswa immediately recognized Skhali and were taken aback at Gigi’s rather poor taste in men.

The dinner date became more awkward after Skhali’s near-death experience: he ate some food that had a trace of peanut butter. Little did the host know that Skhali is allergic to peanuts.

As Skhali was struggling to breathe, Jerry tried to hurry him outside, as the detective didn’t want a known criminal dying in his house.

Wow Jerry, we know you’re a weird character but we never took you for a cold-hearted man.

A man after Gigi’s own heart

The good news is that Skhali did not die – instead, he took this opportunity to make an official move on Gigi. Yep, Skhali doesn’t want to pretend anymore; he wants to be Gigi’s boyfriend for real!

Skhali pulled out all the stops – from buying flowers, sending cute romantic videos and even solving Gigi’s work issues.

He went from being a despised loan shark to scoring a second date with Gigi. Twitter praised him for having the love and affection he has for his lady.

Siyanda’s lies run deep

Siyanda has plenty of reasons to keep her miscarriage a secret. She’s unashamedly using her supposed pregnancy to not only stay in Kagiso’s life but to also enjoy the perks of living in the Khoza mansion. So far, everything for her is falling into place – she’s got the man of her dreams who has since asked her hand in marriage.

Kagiso’s proposal has now convinced Siyanda to keep the miscarriage secret for as long as she can for fear of losing everything, including Kagiso.

How Siyanda plans to fake her pregnancy for the next nine months is something we’re yet to see.

The habitual liar has since pushed the date of the wedding closer and has scheduled for her and Kagiso to do an engagement photoshoot.

The photoshoot ended up trending on social media which is exactly what she wanted.

Everything Siyanda does is aimed at showing Goodness that she and Kagiso are happy and building their family. In her mind, this will hopefully erase Goodness from the picture forever.

Siyanda clearly hasn’t thought through the consequences of her actions. The Khoza family doesn’t take kindly to people who lie and those who have been caught lying either disappear or end up dead.

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