INTERVIEW: Barbie Ferreira’s mom doesn’t mind her sex scenes

23 July 2019

INTERVIEW: Barbie Ferreira’s mom doesn’t mind her sex scenes

If Barbie’s face looks familiar to you, that’s because she started her career as a model and gradually solidified herself as a notable face on American television.

Barbie’s acting catalogue include Vice series, How To Behave, she also starred in Body Party, a Teen Vogue web series about body positivity.

The actress speaks to us about her experience thus far in being a part of one of the most talked-about teen-series on television and how her mom is totally chilled about her rather raunchy sex scenes.

What can you tell us about your character?

Kat likes to be a little bit invisible in her real life but leads a double life on the internet, with a fan fiction blog and eventually camming. She’s scared of people not accepting her for who she is but she finds an outlet on the internet, where people see her as a sexual being; she’s not just the friend who no one notices, and she feels important.

I think that’s actually what a lot of teenagers want to feel: that they’re important, or worthy. Kat’s friends are all conventionally beautiful, thin people and it’s really hard when you don’t fit the norm of what people in your high school think is attractive. We definitely see Kat’s personality coming out; she’s so sarcastic and funny.

What appealed to you about the show and how did you get involved?

I remember reading the synopsis and I was like, ‘Not to be presumptuous, but I need this character.’ It was very nerve-wracking for me because I just felt so connected to Kat. A lot of my friends were auditioning and the pressure was on but I deeply cared about this character. I was like, ‘This is me; this is the one; this is it.’ I like things that are just completely off-guard and unexpected. The script was really special.

What sets Euphoria apart from other dramas depicting teenage life?

It’s not spoon-feeding you anything; I think that’s what’s the most special thing. It’s teens but it doesn’t need to be this sensationalised, over-the-top version of it. It’s more authentic and real.

How much did you draw on your own teenage experiences in preparing for the role?

I grew up in a place where I was very open-minded. I used to interview dominatrixes for a show on Vice and would explore all those kinds of things so I’m more fascinated than scared of it. I think fetish and sex work in general is so interesting because it’s people’s primal urges, instincts and humiliations and it’s very complex, like the human mind in its raw form, without societal rules.

How are you feeling about the show’s release?

I am so excited and terrified and nervous. Just because I’ve never seen myself like that.

I come from a very open family so my mum is actually the one who talks me down. I’ve warned her several times and she’s like, ‘Who cares if you have a sex scene? It’s art!’

The first five episodes of Euphoria, are now streaming first on Showmax in South Africa, with the last three episodes coming express from the US.

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