Isibaya S1-7

6 September 2019

Isibaya S1-7

If you’ve missed the drama on Isibaya, you can stream from episode 1 right here. And just because the soapie is in its seventh season doesn’t mean that there’s a shortage of storylines. If anything, they’ve become more intricate and intriguing!

What started as a village feud between the Zungu and Ndlovu families in Bhubesini has expanded into something far more complex as Mpiyakhe (Siyabonga Thwala) and Samson (Bheki Mkhwane) continue their fight over the valuable taxi routes in and out of town.

“Their hatred runs deep,” explains Siyabonga. “Samson is every bit envious of Mpiyakhe’s success. And Mpiyakhe in return hates Samson for hating him. And while this is going on, there’s a third family coming into the game – the Ngwenyas, led by Judas (Menzi Ngubane). It’s a huge fight and no one is safe.”

The telenovela is wonderfully shot and there’s not a second to breathe without new drama rolling into town, especially in the new instalment that’s zooming in on kidnappings and blackmail among the taxi factions.

Look out for local soapie superstar Warren Masemola, who joins the action as MK, a criminal mastermind who’s making the taxi bosses look like a pair of kittens. “MK is seriously bad news. He takes what he wants from who he wants. He doesn’t ask questions. He is vicious,” says Abdul Khoza, whose character Qaphela comes face-to-face with MK.

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