It’s a game of love and heartbreak for Asanda and Monwabisi

By Zibuyile Dladla16 September 2019

It’s a game of love and heartbreak for Asanda and Monwabisi

While Asanda and Monwabisi continue to deal with adult problems far beyond their years, they are also now faced with another predicament.

Although the two have managed to handle their feud like adults, the show’s recent episode is a reminder that they’re still young men who need a lot of guidance, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Monwabisi’s love interest: Ms Busika

Monwabisi and Ms Busika have established a mutual and respectful relationship. However, Monwabisi has his lines blurred at the moment as he’s developed feelings for Ms Busika. He even bought a gift and professed his love for the principal – an act that Ms Busika did not appreciate.

Monwabisi was immediately reprimanded for his actions and told to take back his gifts. How will he ever look at Ms Busika again?

Asanda is an official cheater

Bontle has Asanda wrapped around her manicured finger, right where she wants him. After weeks of flirting, Bontle, who is also the little sister of Asanda’s archnemesis, Tau, wasted no time in claiming Asanda as her new beau. Not only did she claim Asanda as her boyfriend on social media, but she also stole a kiss from him.

Now the awkward part is that Asanda already has a faithful girlfriend: Nolwazi, who lives back home in the village of Centane.

Nolwazi and Asanda plan to get married after they matriculate, but their future together is hanging by a thin thread as Bontle is determined to drive a wedge further between the two.

Will Nolwazi fight for her man or will she let Bontle triumph? By the looks of things, it is Bontle who is winning this battle for Asanda’s heart.

But don’t write Nolwazi off just yet – Asanda’s family are on her side, and she may still manage to secure her future with Asanda.

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