Kaisha heads home in first solo eviction of Big Brother Naija Lockdown season

17 August 2020

Kaisha heads home in first solo eviction of Big Brother Naija Lockdown season

After four weeks of relationships, fights and love triangles, Big Brother Naija Lockdown recorded its first solo eviction of the season. 

25-year old Kaisha Umaru became the fifth housemate to get the axe, and the first housemate to exit the BBNaija house solo.

As usual, the Big Brother Naija Sunday eviction that was live-streamed on Showmax was rife with tension for the housemates. In fact, there was even more tension than usual as it was preceded by a replay of the recent fights in the house between Nengi and Kaisha, as well as Wathoni, Erica and Lucy. After Big Brother reminded the housemates of the house rules, the offending parties were issued with a final warning.

Here is what went down.

The intense gbas gbos

Ebuka kicked off the show by grilling the housemates on the fights that happened during the week. He asked Lucy why it seemed the fights she had with Nengi and Erica had come from relationship stories. She responded that Nengi uses the men in the house and also made a comment about the Head and the neck to Erica.

Skip to 00.52 in the video above to check out some of the fights!

Lucy responded saying that it was not that way and in the case of Nengi, she was merely being an overprotective friend to Prince and was angry about him being dragged into a love triangle. As for Erica, she explained that it was a miscommunication that caused the quarrel. She said she had apologised to both parties involved and they were cool with each other.

Ebuka went on to congratulate Erica on winning the Head of House challenge and asked if the fights she had came with her being Head of House or just being in the house. She said her only disagreement concerning her being Head of House was when Brighto chose the time for the wager rehearsals to take a bath knowing that everyone had gathered for rehearsals. She pointed out that she found his action disrespectful and disappointing given that she considered him a friend and expected support from him. She also explained what happened with Lucy stating that Lucy judges a lot, and she really did not know what Lucy meant by the statement she made. She concluded by saying they had settled their differences.

Ebuka went on to Kaisha and asked what caused the fight between herself and Nengi. She explained that she wanted to have her bath and checked the kettle to see if the water Nengi boiled had heated up. While she was doing that, Nengi walked in and called her stupid which she considered disrespectful. Nengi explaining her side of the story, said she reacted that way because Kaisha hissed at her and muttered something insulting to her when she asked why she was touching her water. She said when she feels someone disrespects her, she tends to go over the edge sometimes. She concluded by saying that they had both made up.

How the eviction went down

Watch the Diary Room sessions where the housemates cast their votes, right here, only on Showmax.

Ebuka announced that the housemates were to save at least one person. With his usual infusion of suspense and drama, Ebuka called the four housemates up for eviction: Trickytee, Kaisha, Wathoni and Neo. He added that if there was a tie while voting, the Head of House would be called to break it. Wishing them good luck, he handed them over to Big Brother to begin the nomination process.

Kaisha emerges as the fifth evicted housemate

After the voting rounds, Ebuka announced the fifth evictee for the season: Kaisha. Interestingly, Kaisha refused to hug most housemates and hurried to the door instead as Big Brother gave her ten seconds to leave the house.

The twist

The room was filled with tension as Wathoni, Trikytee, Neo and other housemates waited to see who would go next. Ebuka proceeded to call the next housemate to be evicted and after a long pause, he announced that nobody else would be leaving the house, much to the relief of Neo and Trickytee who fell to the ground in appreciation.

Post eviction interview

Following her eviction from the house, Kaisha joined Ebuka on stage for an interview. Asked how she felt, she said she felt good and Ebuka noted that even in her Diary sessions with Biggie, she always said she felt good even when there were indications that she didn’t. He then asked her again if she was really fine, to which she responded in the affirmative. Ebuka asked if she was disappointed with the housemates for voting her out and she said she was not surprised because she knows they do not like her. Asked why she went back to her shell after her near eviction last week and she said she thought the house was going to be all fun and games when she came in but it was instead filled with tension after some time and she did not know how to react to that.

Ebuka also asked her what happened between herself and Neo, and she admitted that she liked him and was even ready to crash his relationship with Vee. After the round of questions, Kaisha shared that she would focus on her skincare business and further her education following her exit from the BBNaija house.

Advice to the housemates

Before giving advice to the housemates, Ebuka questioned Neo, who had been nicknamed the Oracle by housemates after he organised the Truth or Dare game in the first week. Ebuka questioned why they no longer played games in the house and Neo explained that the house had become boring to him and because the housemates were not giving him positive vibes, he couldn’t continue with the games. 

Ebuka concluded by advising the housemates to simply enjoy themselves. Be less calculating in the way you play the game and don’t try too hard to follow a strategy, he said – viewers can smell it a mile away. He ended with the Pidgin English quote: “Who they owe landlord, no dey cook food with curry’’.

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