Kandasamys: The Wedding (2018)
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4 June 2020

Kandasamys: The Wedding (2018)

Having survived their meddling parents’ attempts to break them up in the 2017 hit movie Keeping Up with the Kandasamys, Jodi (Mishqah Parthiepal) and Prishen (Madushan Singh) are headed down the aisle at last. It’s going to be the wedding of the year! If they can survive their respective mothers. Shanthi Naidoo (Maeshni Naicker) has everything planned, down to the smallest detail but, as always, Jennifer Kandasamy (Jailoshini Naidoo) is ready to out-do her. After all, “the Kandasamys don’t do small”.  And so it begins…

The top local movie of last year and the 17th biggest film overall at the local box office, grossing $1,356,548, this romantic comedy-drama is once again directed by Jayan Moodley, and it was an even bigger hit than its predecessor.

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