Kelly’s most OMG quotes on Life With Kelly Khumalo

11 August 2020

Kelly’s most OMG quotes on Life With Kelly Khumalo

There have been so many big reactions to Life With Kelly Khumalo since the show hit Showmax on 6 August. For the most part, the feedback has been positive, with viewers loving the raw, unfiltered look at the real woman behind the controversies.

If we know one thing about Kelly, it’s that she’s not one to mince her words. She always speaks her truth, no matter what anyone else might think, or how difficult the truth might be for them to hear.

Here are just some of the most noteworthy quotes by Kelly in the first six episodes of Life With Kelly Khumalo.

What you see is what you get

In the first opening sequence, Kelly makes it clear from the get-go that although she may not be perfect, one thing she will always present to the public is her authentic self.

“The woman that you see in front of you is self-made. I can’t say that I have a point of reference as far as being a good woman is concerned – there is no template. But, what you see is what you get.”

A child’s curiosity

As a single mom, life has handed Kelly with many heavy blows. The heaviest of blows is when her daughter, Thingo, asks about her father’s whereabouts.

“How do I even start the conversation? How do I even tell my daughter who her father is and what happened to him? Because this is such a heavy story for a five-year-old.”

Sibling rivalry

It’s no secret that in the past year, Kelly has had a very public spat with her sister and her sister’s husband. In Life With Kelly Khumalo, the musician addresses her issues with her sibling and brother-in-law a number of times.

We soon come to realise that Kelly has completely written off her sister as a sibling and simply now refers to her as “that other girl”.

“For the past couple of years, I’ve tried to preserve my relationship with that other girl. And having loved that other girl, I’ve now gotten to a point where I just don’t give a sh** about love, relationships and family. I am over it.”

No truce with Jub Jub

If there is one thing that frustrates Kelly, it’s the ailing relationship she has with her son’s father – Molemo Jub Jub Maarohanye. From what you’ll see, there are many underlying issues Kelly still has with Jub Jub and it does not look like the two will be addressing these issues anytime soon.

“I won’t go knocking at Molemo’s home. I refuse to be disrespected by Molemo. You know when I think about Molemo I literally just want to break glasses, demolish houses. He is one man who has hurt me to the core.”

Tough conversations with mom

The feud between Kelly and her sister places their mother, Ntombi Khumalo, in a very awkward position. Ntombi doesn’t want to choose sides and Ntombi’s decision not to get in between the feud is frustrating Kelly.

“Why won’t you stand for your issues as a mother? Reprimand someone when they are wrong. Even if she was going to reprimand me, I’d be ok with that.”

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