Kwa Mam’Mkhize: Sbahle Mpisane opens up about Itumeleng Khune breakup

17 February 2020

Kwa Mam’Mkhize: Sbahle Mpisane opens up about Itumeleng Khune breakup

Sbahle Mpisane has finally revealed why she and South African football star Itumeleng Khune, are no longer together. On her family’s explosive reality show, Kwa Mam’Mkhize, the “fitness bunny” opened about their split on her family’s reality show after a friend asked about her ex-boyfriend’s whereabouts.

“He’s dating someone else,” she said, adding that she told him that he could move on peacefully. Sbahle explained that she doesn’t have any issues with Itu. The social media star had a very public relationship with the footballer, and they were a lot of people’s relationship goals. However, things took a different turn after her car accident in 2019.

“Everyone knows that I forgot Itu because of my amnesia.” Although she didn’t remember him, she explained that he was still very supportive after the accident. “He called me every day when I was in hospital. But then clearly because of my amnesia, I didn’t fully remember why I fell in love with him, but he was there for me throughout. He was a good person throughout,” she said.

Sbahle added: “He was my boyfriend. I had to love him and stuff, but now I’m not in hospital anymore. He stays in Joburg, I stay in Durban. I need someone to give me a hug and kiss me…”

No hard feelings

The reality TV star said she felt that she needed more of him but he wasn’t available. “So, it was best for me to say ‘bye’ and wish him the best, to find someone that’s going to give him a child because I don’t have time to get pregnant. And someone to fully love him, get married to him…” To show that there’s no bad blood between the former lovers, Sbahle even sent Itu a text after finding out about his new girlfriend and wished him well.

The goalkeeper now has a new woman in his life and he refers to her as his wife. Although they’ve never shared any images from their wedding, Itu confirmed that they’ve made it official when he posted an image of himself alongside his partner with the caption: “Mr & Mrs Khune. The parents.” The couple recently welcomed their first child into the world.

We’re sure that Sbahle is happy for his ex and we wonder if she has anyone special her life at the moment. To follow her recovery journey make sure you watch Kwa Mam’Mkhize right here on Showmax.

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