Kwa Mam’Mkhize: Shauwn gives her take on divorce

By Siyathemba Ben21 February 2020

Kwa Mam’Mkhize: Shauwn gives her take on divorce

Shauwn Mkhize doesn’t understand why people can’t be civil with each other after breaking up. The KZN businesswoman made a few comments about divorce on the latest episode of her hit reality show Kwa Mam’Mkhize. She was speaking from her heart because she’s a divorced woman. News about Shauwn and her ex-husband Sbu Mpisane’s split made headlines around 2018 and left a lot of people wondering what could have gone wrong.

It’s important to work on yourself

Although she didn’t reveal why her marriage ended, the reality TV star said if you leave your marriage because it’s your decision, you don’t have any regrets. “And when you decide to part ways it’s because you’re seeing things differently, both of you. But it doesn’t mean you must be enemies,” she told her friend Rami Chuene.

Shauwn also believes that you must never leave someone when you still love them. She spoke about the importance of working on yourself and on a plan once you leave a relationship. “So that if you leave them and you don’t love them, number one; you don’t get angry, you don’t get bitter, but you move on and you start afresh,” she shared.

A difficult and emotional decision

While she touched on breakups, she also made it clear that she doesn’t like discussing her divorce. “It was a very difficult decision to make and a very emotional decision to take. A part of me, I felt like it was being cut off, but I figured I have to learn and get used to not loving this man.”

Shauwn also added that she was very content when she left her marriage. She and her ex are still living in the same house. They probably don’t even see each other because of how big the property is. “[Sbu lives in] the wing of the house that’s in both our names. The wing I reside in is in Andile’s name,” she explained. Rich people definitely do life differently!

They might be living in the same property, but that doesn’t mean you should get your hopes up about them getting back together. Shauwn is now dedicated to regaining her identity.

When the show premiered Shauwn revealed what might have caused their marriage to collapse. “I think the small problem that led my marriage to a divorce was that Sbu loved himself. I also loved Sbu. So, no one cared for me. As time went by, in the process I ended up losing myself. Right now I’m trying to find myself and regain myself and find my identity,” she said.

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