Kwakuhle Kwethu: Dineo & Solo’s Wedding will restore your hope in love
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By Siyathemba Ben20 November 2019

Kwakuhle Kwethu: Dineo & Solo’s Wedding will restore your hope in love

On the show, the lovebirds gave intimate details about their romance including how they met, when Solo popped the question and of course, the road to the big day.

From the first episode of Kwakuhle Kwethu, it’s easy to tell that these two were made for each other. What makes their union stand out? Let’s take you through some of our favourite moments.

Seven and a half years and counting

On the show you will hear exactly how the two met. They went into detail about how a mutual friend set them up on a blind date. Although Dineo wasn’t looking for a relationship at the time, Solo clearly made a good impression on her and they exchanged numbers.

They had their first date – an impromptu one – on the same day they met. And get this, they chilled together until 4am. See? This really was a match made in heaven. According to their friends, Dineo and Solo are “two peas in a pod”.

A deep spiritual connection

In their September 2019 True Love magazine cover story, the newlyweds revealed that they had both undergone the process of ukuthwasa (initiation) in 2017. “Ours is an example of a multi-faceted relationship. It speaks to spirituality and aligning on all levels. Ubungoma is an aspect of our lives. It’s not grander than anything else,” Solo told the publication.

They showed their deep connection after allowing the cameras to film them while they were having an intimate moment with their ancestors. This made fans see their relationship through a different lens.

The sweetest vows

It’s obvious just how crazy these two are about each other. In case you haven’t noticed, Solo looks at Dineo in a way that will melt anyone’s heart. Don’t get us started on how highly he speaks of her. Viewers were fortunate enough to witness the couple’s vows to each other.

“The thought of the memories we’re yet to create, I can already think of the number of songs I am going to write. I really love you… and I always hope that my actions show it,” the rapper shared, adding that Dineo is the strongest woman he knows.

“And mine isn’t to restrict that, mine is to support that, mine is to be a voice of reason when it’s needed.” Dineo’s vows were also beautiful.

Picture perfect

One of the best things to come from the wedding definitely has to be the wonderful pictures that the couple shared on their social media platforms. Fans were raving about how perfect Mr and Mrs Langa are for each other, and it’s impossible to disagree.

Dineo and Solo’s love story is certainly inspiring. You can follow their journey on Kwakuhle Kwethu: Dineo & Solo’s Wedding.

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