Kyallo Kulture episode 11 recap: Summer House

26 August 2022

Kyallo Kulture episode 11 recap: Summer House

The sisters have a lot going on in Kyallo Kulture episode 11. Betty has finally attained her goal of opening a restaurant in the leafy suburbs of Karen and is about to launch her first event at the restaurant. Gloria is planning a puppy shower for her pregnant pooch, Lulu. And Mercy is chasing waterfalls with the love of her life. 

We join Mercy on a special date with Arthur as they journey into the highlands on horseback for a day of adventure and romance. As they walk into the forest and share a kiss at the waterfall (and steal another under a canopy of trees), it’s easy to see how much they care for each other. Since Arthur returned from Europe, Mercy has kept their romance under wraps, maintaining their privacy while they reconnect. Will they manage to make it work this time around? Or is it a case of “Don’t go chasing waterfalls…”

Meanwhile, Betty is building her next business, a glam restaurant destination she’s calling “Summer House.” The property will feature sports and cocktail bars, private outdoor gazebos, sunset viewing decks, and more. However, there are still contractors on-site, the building is far from finished, and there’s an event planned soon. 

Mercy doesn’t approve of Betty’s casual business relationship with her architect, and finds herself struggling to keep her opinion to herself about some of the decisions being made. But it all comes down to style: Mercy favours rustic chic, while Betty prefers to glam it up!

Fast forward to the first event at Summer House, an al fresco screening of Formula 1, complete with a buffet barbeque, bonfire, cocktails, and dancing. All in all, a success. 

Speaking of successful events, Gloria hosts a baby shower… for Lulu, her dog. Don’t roll your eyes just yet, she pulls it off Gloria-ously! In true Kyallo style, there’s no holding back on the balloons, floral arrangements, tablescape, and cakes. Like Gloria says, if there’s a reason to celebrate, do it! 

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