Kyallo Kulture episode 12 recap: Friendship, goodwill, and puppies!

2 September 2022

Kyallo Kulture episode 12 recap: Friendship, goodwill, and puppies!

For Gloria, there’s no greater love than puppy love in Kyallo Kulture episode 12. Lulu has given birth to her puppies, and like a proud grandmother, Gloria wants to show them off to her friends. But first, she has a date… with the KSPCA!

Ken and Betty join Gloria at the animal shelter to volunteer for the day. Betty is not as enthusiastic about animals as her sister, but it’s the first time that she’s hanging out with Gloria and Ken on their own and she’s excited to suss out their relationship. What she doesn’t expect is to have her heart broken. The sisters’ visit to the kennels turns into a tearjerker experience when they meet a dog that has been the victim of animal cruelty. Luckily, Ken lifts the mood with a well-timed bouquet of flowers. Who knew he was the romantic kind?

Betty hooks up with an old friend, Bambi, for a games day, starting with a round of adventure golf. They reminisce about the years they’ve known each other and decide to mark their friendship of eight years with a lovers’ lock—wishing for each other many more years of great friendship, loyalty, love, good health, wealth, and success. The day ends with a game of darts, and it’s clear to us that when it comes to lasting friendship, Betty has hit a bullseye!

Mercy is notably absent from this week’s episode and we’re guessing it’s because she’s spending time with Arthur. So, we can’t wait to see her again next Friday, for the final episode of Kyallo Kulture on Showmax! Don’t miss it. Save the date for Friday the 8th September.

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