Kyallo Kulture episode 13 recap: The Finale

14 September 2022

Kyallo Kulture episode 13 recap: The Finale

In the finale of Kyallo Kulture, the sisters reflect on how far they’ve come since episode one and what they’ve learned about sisterhood. Betty and Gloria escape to the bush on a long-awaited vacation, but things get off to a rocky start when Gloria invites Ken, and it’s unclear whether Mercy plans to join the two for a Kyallo trio reunion.

Luckily, Betty invites Collins, a flamboyant friend who brings plenty of energy and humour to the party. The sisters learn how to make pizza, which they take along on a game drive and share with Collins and Ken under a starlit sky.

But where is Mercy? 

Betty explains how it’s hard to find time together as a family, especially when everyone has their own lives and different schedules. Still, it doesn’t change what sisterhood means to them—mutual respect, love, and understanding. 

It’s a new day at the luxury resort, and after Betty and Gloria take a refreshing dip in the pool, they chat about the last twelve episodes of Kyallo Kulture and the time they’ve had to spend together. Betty loves the episode when she allowed Gloria to drive her Mercedes Benz and how she had to gain confidence in Gloria as she learned to drive—a difficult lesson for a protective older sister!

They review some of the series’ most dramatic, hilarious, and cringe-worthy scenes, including the double date, the cocktail lesson, and the episode where Betty and Mercy finally made up

For Gloria, the show has been an opportunity to build her confidence and learn to know herself better. Being sisters with Betty and Mercy is not your typical day job. They are wild, creative, ambitious, and live unapologetically, and keeping up with them is not easy! 

The season ends as Betty raises a glass: “Cheers to making more stories, and cheers to sisterhood!” she says. 

Cheers indeed. 

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