Legacy S1-2
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30 September 2021

Legacy S1-2

Legacy is billed as the first of its kind – an upmarket telenovela set in the world of investment billionaires. At its heart, it’s about a family at war with itself, as candidates vie to take the place of one of the country’s most powerful and wealthy people when the head of Legacy Investment steps down.

Patriarch Sebastian Price is approaching retirement and one of his family members will soon have to take over the reins. His ruthless first-born daughter has her eye on the position of CEO and she will do anything to ensure she gets it. Who will it be? And at what price?

Don’t miss the highly anticipated telenovela with a star-studded ensemble cast. See who’s in Legacy here.

Binge all episodes of Legacy so far, and stream new episodes express, within 24 hours of their broadcast on channel.

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