Let’s get glam: 4 fab styling tips from Hannon Bothma

26 February 2019

Let’s get glam: 4 fab styling tips from Hannon Bothma

Makeover shows are a dime-a-dozen and they all get in their own experts to revamp their guests. But there’s only one real superstar in South Africa when it comes to image overhauls – Hannon Bothma, aka host of popular Afrikaans series Glam Guru (stream 12 seasons on Showmax).

“So many people find it difficult transitioning in this world,” explains Hannon. “For example, some people are still dressing like they are teenagers when they are adults – they have not been able to differentiate their transition in age and translate that into their physical image.” Not that it’s a bad thing, adds the stylish star, who says that people need to be comfortable with themselves first and foremost.

There’s a saying that being beautiful is painful – insert sniggers here about waxing – but it doesn’t need to be difficult to get right. All you need is an open mind, a couple of products (Hannon has his own range that he uses exclusively on his reality series) and a couple of hours at home to get everything right. Along with these quick and easy beauty tips from Hannon himself…

1. Hairspray is a must

Thought that it went out in the 90s with shoulder pads and glitter sweaters? Think again, says Hannon. “It’s the only way to keep a style in place. If you want your hair looking salon-styled from morning to night, start spraying!” Just stay away from open flames, of course.

Plus, if you want natural volume, don’t let wet hair dry in the wind. “Grab the strongest and hottest hairdryer that you can handle – it will work wonders.”

2. Skin in, skin out

You’ve only got one skin, so you’ve got to take care of it. Okay… so technically that’s not 100% true since cells are replaced daily and you peel if you burn and and and – but you know what Hannon is saying.

That’s why it’s “so important that you use a sunblock daily, preferably one that is 100% oil-free. That will leave your skin protected but also with a nice, clean, healthy look”.

And if you’re looking for a moisturising cream, something full of Vitamin E is your first port of call.

3. Made-up marvellous

“Don’t overdo your make-up, especially around your eyes,” says Hannon. “If someone tells you that you’ve got beautiful, piercing blue eyes but they’re actually brown, you need to press the pause button and reverse a bit – you’re wearing way too much blue eyeshadow.”

And what would a make-up show be without a little cliché here and there – even Hannon can’t resist “the perfect blusher will leave you looking like you’ve been kissed by the sun rather than been struck by lightning” (or dipped headfirst in a paint can).

4. Clothing 101

You can’t do an overhaul without looking at your wardrobe and Hannon’s got a couple of tips for that department too. Even shoes make a difference: “The higher your heel, the more taut your leg muscles will be and firmer they will look. It does a lot for self-confidence too,” adds Hannon.

To make your body look longer (i.e: taller) and thinner, colour co-ordinate so that your top and bottom pieces match in colour (your shirt and pants/dress).

Need some more tips? Stream Seasons 1 to 12 of Glam Guru on Showmax.

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