Life With Kelly Khumalo: A friendship built on love, respect and realness

28 August 2020

Life With Kelly Khumalo: A friendship built on love, respect and realness

When watching the recent episodes of Life With Kelly Khumalo, one thing you’ll learn is that Kelly is that friend every girl deserves.

Showmax recently spoke to her close friend Wanda Baloyi who also appears on the reality show. Wanda shares her experience of being close friends with Kelly for almost a decade and how they’ve managed to be each other’s pillars of strength through the years.

Can you tell us when you met Kelly and how your friendship began?

Kelly and I met many years ago, I can’t remember when, but it’s almost 10 years ago. We were part of a musicians group called Soul Fam with Donald, Reason, Nothende and many other musicians. We became close during that time.

What would you say you value most about your friendship with Kelly?

 I love that it’s a very authentic relationship. There is nothing but pure, honest realness between us. We have learned through the years to be nothing but honest and real with each other.

What makes Kelly a true and great friend??

If loyalty was a person it would be her. She has taught me a deeper meaning of what loyalty is in a friendship. A very rare kind of loyalty which I truly admire.

What do you hope viewers will get to learn about Kelly from this reality show?

I hope they get to know the naked Kelly. The real Kelly. The Kelly I know and always wanted the world to know outside the controversy.

When Kelly is having a difficult time in her personal life and career what do you guys do to let off some steam?

We love to laugh, I think we laugh more than talk. We enjoy hanging at home, cooking, talking, dancing and just being happy. I think that’s what everyone aspires to in life.

You and Kelly both have a great sense of style. What kind of clothes do you enjoy shopping for?

Damn, I love clothes – period! We love anything that sparks the eye. One thing’s for sure – we can shop a storm!

Are you and Kelly planning on doing a duo single together in the near future?

Oh, absolutely HELL YES!

When Kelly told you she’d be shooting a reality show, what was your reaction to the news?

My reaction was “I think you’re ready to show the world YOU.” I’ve always said she is the content. Her being herself is more than enough.

What has been your most memorable conversation with Kelly?

We always talk about the man of our dreams. She loves exotic men! So we’re always just chatting about our dreamy men.

In your opinion, why should people stream Life With Kelly Khumalo?

First and foremost, it’s REAL, it’s RARE, it’s NAKED and finally it’s KELLY. 

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