Life With Kelly Khumalo is the content viewers signed up for

7 August 2020

Life With Kelly Khumalo is the content viewers signed up for

Thursday, 6 August 2020 was a memorable day for singer Kelly Khumalo. This was the day that Kelly finally had a chance to tell her story as authentically as possible, unfiltered and raw to the core.

All 13 episodes of Life With Kelly Khumalo are now available to binge on Showmax, and viewers are here for the revelations and drama.

A tearful date out with her Thingo

If there is one thing you’ll love about Life With Kelly Khumalo, it’s her close relationship with her kids Christian (10) and Thingo (5).

After Thingo asks about the whereabouts of her late father, Kelly decides to take her out on a waffles and ice cream date to explain why Thingo doesn’t have a daddy.

What is supposed to be an enjoyable chat with her daughter turns into a tearful moment for Kelly, a conversation she found very difficult to have with her five-year-old.

Thingo’s curiosity about her father and Kelly’s tears resonate with many who watched the show.

Former Our Perfect Wedding presenter and mother of one Kayise Nolufefe Ngqula also tweeted about how much she relates to Kelly’s conversation with Thingo. Kayise lost her husband when their child was only a few months old.

Christian is a favourite

As much as we’ve come to love little Thingo, her older brother seems to have garnered a handful of admirers as well.

Although Christian finds himself in a bit of trouble at school and with his mom, viewers can’t seem to get over his cuteness and his striking resemblance to his father, Molema Jub Jub Maroohanyane.

Positive reactions

The launch of her reality show has been met with a lot of positive reactions. Even those who had previously judged Kelly harshly are beginning to see her in a different light.

It’s no secret that Kelly has had a love-hate relationship not only with the media but with the public as well. Many events in her life have not swung in her favour, but this show has shown the public how strong and resilient Kelly has become throughout the years.

The authenticity of the show is what has really caught the attention of those who have already watched Life With Kelly.

While others have enjoyed the reality show so much, watching it twice doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all.

The first six episodes of Life With Kelly are now streaming on Showmax, with the next seven episodes ready to binge from Thursday, 27 August.

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