Life With Kelly Khumalo: Kelly’s motherhood journey

11 September 2020

Life With Kelly Khumalo: Kelly’s motherhood journey

In all 13 episodes of Life With Kelly Khumalo, we’ve watched the singer work tremendously hard at not only providing for her family, but also protecting her kids from the issues that may face them in life.

The single mom diaries

Kelly faces many of the same challenges as any single mother. While she tries to iron out her issues with her son’s father, Jub Jub, she still has to deal with the difficulty of gently telling her daughter, Thingo, that she’ll never meet her late father, Senzo Meyiwa.

“Ever since Thingo’s father passed away, I’ve always been worried about how I’ll break the news that her father is no more. Because I look at this beautiful human being that I have no answers for,” says Kelly in the first episode of the reality show.

Although Kelly may not have the right answers, she is doing her best to ensure her kids have the best quality of life.

Secrets and honesty

It’s a parent’s job to protect their kids from difficult situations until they are old enough to understand them, and Kelly does a commendable job in addressing the tough questions her kids have about their fathers.

It’s no secret that Kelly does not get along with Christian’s father due to their turbulent past. And even though Christian says that he has no interest in meeting his dad, Kelly does the right thing by deciding to reach out to the Maarohanyane family in the hopes that Christian will finally develop a relationship with the paternal side of his family.

Kelly is open and honest about the proposed reunion and tells Christian that meeting his father is finally a possibility. Kelly realises she needs to set aside her differences with Jub Jub and work on ensuring her son has a relationship with his dad.

Mama always has a backup plan

The Covid-19 virus has derailed many of our plans but, Kelly isn’t letting this pandemic ruin her son’s special day.

What was supposed to be a huge party attended by Christian’s friends turns into a small and intimate celebration for Christian’s 10th birthday. Although this was not a humdinger of a party, Christian is most appreciative of the effort his mother has made to make his birthday extra special.

Christening the kids

It’s no secret that Kelly is very spiritual and for her, it’s important that her kids are christened. In the final episode, we see the mother of two dedicating her babies to God. Despite her busy career and her many problems with family, she makes time for religion, reflection and prayer.

“It humbles me that finally, after everything that my children and I have been through, I can do this for them – this is not just an ordinary ceremony but, this is me saying ‘Father, these are your children. They are not just my children, you have lent them to me. Take control over their lives’,” says Kelly.

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