Life With Kelly Khumalo Season 3: Christian and Thingo over the years

By Zimkhitha26 August 2022

Life With Kelly Khumalo Season 3: Christian and Thingo over the years

When you enter Kelly’s world, you’ll know that it’s more than just about the glitz and the glam of showbiz. And yes, there’s also drama here and there, but there’s so much meaning in the singer’s life because of her two children, Christian and Thingo. Despite the controversy that surrounds her relationship with their fathers, there’s no doubt that Kelly’s kids are a big blessing in her life and that they’ve given her a reason to keep pushing even when the world is against her.

Providing stability

From the first season of her hit reality show Life with Kelly Khumalo, the songstress has been clear about how important her children are to her, and her intention has always been to give them a warm and stable home.

“Me being in the line of career that I’m in requires me to have a stable home for my children. So, having my mom with me just brings that stability for myself and for my children.” The mother of two has been through a lot in the last couple of years, and is still dealing with the loss of her late boyfriend and Thingo’s father, Senzo Meyiwa.

Honesty is the best policy

On her show she’s mentioned the challenge that would come with breaking the news to Thingo one day. “Ever since Thingo’s father passed away, I’ve always been worried about how I’ll break the news that her father is no more. Because I look at this beautiful human being that I have no answers for.”

Look, no parent gets 100% for being a mother or father. There will always be tough moments and even tougher conversations to have when you’re someone’s primary caregiver. The last three seasons have shown Kelly having those difficult chats with both her children, and she’s had many ups and downs with Christian. However, she always handles her kids with grace. This is also why Wanda believes that her bestie is doing a great job when it comes to motherhood.

Kudos to Kelly

“I think that Kelly is a fantastic mother. For the fact that she’s able to depict a problem, for the fact that she’s able to be concerned about something in her children – both of them – that for me, in its own says ‘amazing’ because a lot of parents are able to not even notice a lot of things,” Wanda said on Season 2 of the show.

She added: “If you’re able to notice something, even if you might not have the answer for it, the fact that you’re noticing it and you’re willing to try and understand it and find a solution for it, you’ve done an amazing job.”

There’s no doubt that Christian and Thingo have made Kelly’s life more meaningful and that’s why, in her own words, she’d “kill a bull” for her children. The softness with which she treats them has been seen and felt throughout the years.

Christian and Thingo are now 12 and eight years old, and we’re looking forward to watching them growing and becoming the best versions of themselves. You can watch Kelly and her children on Life with Kelly Khumalo Season 3 now on Showmax.

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