Life With Kelly Khumalo S3: Kelly’s mom makes peace with her late mother

By Zimkhitha6 September 2022

Life With Kelly Khumalo S3: Kelly’s mom makes peace with her late mother

As we’ve seen in Life With Kelly Khumalo Season 3, it has taken Ntombi Khumalo a long time to come to terms with her mother’s passing. While they had a complicated relationship, she would have loved to bury her but was never afforded the opportunity. This left her in deep pain and it looks like she might now be on the path to healing.

In episode 10 of Life With Kelly Khumalo Season 3, Ntombi opened up about a dream she had about her mother that left her very emotional. She shared on the reality show: “I have never seen my mother. I’ve only seen her once just before she left. She gave me cows and told me to gather them together. And she told me the route I should take.”

Ntombi said that was the last she saw her mother until she had a dream about her.

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“She came to me and said she’d like me to forgive her because she has forgiven herself for the things she did to me that I didn’t like. Yes, I’ve forgiven her. She sincerely apologised,” she said, adding that she woke up crying.

Ntombi also explained that things would have been so much better if she had seen her mother being buried. “The last thing I did was nurse her when she was sick. I was up and down with her. When she started showing signs of getting better, they came and took her away from me. They didn’t even tell me when she passed on.”

Kelly acknowledges her mother’s pain

Kelly acknowledged that her grandmother wasn’t a good mother to Ntombi. She continued: “I am sorry. Not just for me, but I’m sorry on my grandmother’s behalf because I am my grandmother’s child,” Kelly said. She then added: “Regarding my grandmother, I am going to communicate with my ancestors. I am going to ask for guidance from granny because we didn’t do that the last time.”

Meanwhile, Ntombi made it clear where she stands with her late mother. “I forgive my mother. I sincerely forgive her. After all, we saw eye to eye that we should put this thing behind us so that it doesn’t affect the children.”

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