Life With Kelly Khumalo S3: Kelly and Wanda get real about mental health and music

By Zimkhitha14 September 2022

Life With Kelly Khumalo S3: Kelly and Wanda get real about mental health and music

This year has been a tough one for those in the entertainment industry. Musicians and other performing artists have had to mourn the loss of some of their colleagues who’ve taken their own lives after battling with mental health issues. The deaths of rapper Riky Rick and actor Patrick Shai, who both died by suicide, have put the spotlight on mental health and have forced many people to have those difficult conversations. 

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Kelly puts the spotlight on mental health 

In episode 11 of Life With Kelly Khumalo, the mother of two got candid about the struggles that come with being in showbiz. “Mental health is a problem in the music industry. We don’t have that safe space to be able to vent and talk about the things we fear and are struggling with,” she said. This came after Kelly and Wanda had a chat about the passing of another artist, Tumi Tladi, who had a close relationship with Wanda. 

Wanda speaks about Tumi Tladi's passing on Life With Kelly S3 ep 11

Kelly mentioned that it’s hard for artists to be vulnerable because the minute they open up about their challenges or vent, it quickly turns into a Twitter issue or ends up on WhatsApp groups. “So, I think as a society we’ve lost touch with humanity, ubuntu, that’s why we are struggling with such an illness,” the singer said. 

Wanda shares her heartbreak 

Wanda seems to know all about the ugly side of show business. While she’s enjoyed great success in the music industry, she’s had her fair share of disappointment. She told Kelly: “I was thinking, you know, I haven’t been talking about music for a while, right? I mean, we touched on it…”. Wanda spoke about how a lot of people have been asking her about the music. 

“I have a love-hate relationship with music. I’ve also experienced a lot of challenges in the industry. So, for me, it kind of left a bitter taste or more or less a scar and my friend has always known my passion,” she explained. Kelly asked her bestie if she doesn’t miss music and Wanda replied by saying it’s the love of her love.

“Music has traumatised me also. You know how it is. It’s like an ex-boyfriend that hurt me,” she shared, adding that the love is still evidently there and that she can’t run away from it forever. 

Kelly tells Wanda that she cannot give up on music on Life With Kelly Khumalo S3

Will Wanda be making music again? We’re definitely crossing our fingers, especially after seeing that she and Kelly are planning to hit the studio together soon. You can watch all episodes of Life With Kelly Khumalo season 3 right here on Showmax.

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