Life With Kelly Khumalo Season 3: Kelly breaks down over Senzo’s death 

By Zimkhitha20 September 2022

Life With Kelly Khumalo Season 3: Kelly breaks down over Senzo’s death 

All work and no play can be a dangerous thing in the long run. Kelly knows this too well and that’s why she decided to leave Johannesburg for a few days and let her hair down. The singer, her mother, children and friend Wanda took a trip to the Vaal. The plan was to relax and get away from all the noise. 

The mother of two explained: “I had to invite Wanda. After the week of everything that we have gone through, I felt it would be a nice thing to do. I’ve been up and down, chasing paper and building that. If I’m not building that, I’m shooting that. So, this is perfect.” Well, things didn’t go as planned because the morning after they got to the house, Wanda and Kelly got into an argument. 

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Wanda wants Kelly to be more present

This was triggered by the fact that Kelly decided to sleep late and Wanda felt neglected. “We were all drinking the night before. Granted, I get it. So, we came there for a very limited time. We arrived there late so I’m expecting to have more time with Kelly and everybody else,” Wanda said.

Because Kelly planned the outing, Wanda expected her to be present. “But now I feel like we are not having this experience, so I got frustrated.” 

She confronted Kelly. “Did you experience anything with me here? I’m leaving tomorrow, we haven’t talked.” Kelly didn’t understand and kept reminding Wanda that she’s her best friend.

“I’m not going to feel bad for wanting you to behave a certain way at this specific moment,” Wanda shared. She was hurt by Kelly’s actions.

The argument escalates 

“Before anyone woke up, I went to your room,” Kelly said to her. Wanda still made it clear that even after that happened, Kelly wasn’t in a position to talk.

“You were not in a good condition, right? Then I said, ‘let me give you time to rest’. I’m trying to have a moment with you because I’m leaving.” Kelly apologised and gave Wanda a hug. Did the hug help? Not really. “I got irritated,” Wanda said. 

Wanda and Kelly Khumalo argue during a disagreement on Life With Kelly Khumalo

She added: “But what I’m saying is at least allow me a moment where we can calm down and at least be okay in the same level and talk, because I felt like what kind of conversation am I gonna be having with you like this?”.

Kelly apologising to her bestie, but it was just not helping. Wanda wants Kelly to be present. “I don’t want pieces of you,” she said. It seems like Kelly doesn’t take this seriously, because according to her, this isn’t Wanda’s first time leaving for Mozambique. So, what’s the big deal? Once again, Kelly apologised and took a sip of her wine. 

Kelly breaks down 

This escalated the argument because it turned into which friend was more drunk.

“I’m not saying I’m better, I’m not better than anybody. At some point I felt like, you know what, I want to be honest with you… I want to have a moment with you, not with anything that is going to disturb this communication…”.

Wanda feels that Kelly has been absent and is not there.

Kelly Khumalo breaks down about Senzo Meyiwa's death in Life With Kelly Khumalo S3 episode 12

It seems like Wanda had a lot of things to get off her chest about their friendship. This led to Kelly breaking down and telling Wanda: “The time that you needed out of life, I needed it too. I’m tired, friend, I’m tired,” Kelly said and burst into tears.

The two friends held on to each other as Kelly kept mentioning how tired she was. “Senzo could have… He could have left me. He could have dumped me. But he chose to die and leave me with this sh** and I live with it every day.”

Kelly doesn’t even know where Senzo was buried. “Yes, I feel him every day. I don’t know where he’s resting.” 

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