Living the Dream With Somizi Season 5 episode 6: Blocka, blocka, blocka!

By TVPlus10 June 2022

Living the Dream With Somizi Season 5 episode 6: Blocka, blocka, blocka!

Living The Dream With Somizi Season 5 episode 6 starts with Somizi engaging in a candid conversation with his best friends Ndo Maleho and Vusi Nova about his failed marriage during the last day of their vacation in Cape Town.

They pick up where things left off in episode 5, after Somizi revealed that his estranged husband Mohale Motaung tried to call him on New Year’s Day. The question on everyone’s mind is: Why would Mohale call Somizi after he publicly accused his ex of domestic abuse?

Living The Dream With Somizi Seaon 5 ep 6

However, Somizi refuses to talk to Mohale or hear his side of the story with their divorce underway. Instead, Somizi blocks his ex’s number to prevent future communication. “He is the first person who I’ve broken up with, and I would never get back with – ever,” says Somizi to his friends, before adding “[If I rekindled my marriage with Mohale], my mother would resurrect and do ballet.”

The Idols SA judge doesn’t want to waste his trip dwelling on his ongoing divorce, and he enjoys the afternoon in the sun, taking pictures at the poolside in his birthday suit. “You can’t be in such a place and not have fun or be happy, and part of it is to have great sex and I utilised the place,” says Somizi.

The next morning, Somizi’s friend and media personality Lerato Kganyago pops in for a visit at his villa. Somizi can’t wait to tell Lerato about the startling call he received from his ex… He pours his heart to Lerato during their chat, in which he reveals that he expected an apology from Mohale for tarnishing his reputation. “It’s a matter of him sending a text that says: ‘I’m sorry. Even if you don’t forgive me but I’m taking accountability’,” says Somizi.

Before Somizi returns to his home in Johannesburg, he makes a stop in KwaZulu-Natal to inform his family that he seeks to conduct a ceremony for his ancestors. His elders advise him to make amends with his cousin Mhlengi first, and Somizi agrees. As the season unfolds, Somizi continues to discuss his spiritual calling.

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After receiving a call from his estranged husband Mohale Motaung on New Year’s Day, media personality Somizi Mhlongo is set on distancing himself from his ex. He doesn’t want to hear anything that Mohale has to say, especially because their divorce is still in motion.

When asked by his friends and musician Vusi Nova and entrepreneur Ndo Maleho whether he’d rekindle his marriage with Mohale, Somizi says simply says no and never! “I swear,” says Somizi. “I have blocked this person out my life, I don’t hate him, I just don’t care. He tried to assassinate my character and integrity,” adds the Idols SA judge.

Somizi blocks Mohale’s number and puts him out of his life. He can proudly say that he is hopeful to leave his marriage behind and start afresh in 2022.

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