Living the Dream With Somizi Season 5 episode 7: Talking legal matters with Lerato

By TVPlus17 June 2022

Living the Dream With Somizi Season 5 episode 7: Talking legal matters with Lerato

Living The Dream With Somizi Season 5 episode 7 opens with Somizi back at his Johannesburg home, about to surprise his pregnant domestic worker Caroline – or home executive, as he refers to her – with gifts for her unborn twins.

These aren’t ordinary presents, though. They’re top of the line, just as Somgaga would have it. There’s a fancy twin stroller, a matching set of baby clothes and a gift bag from Louis Vuitton for the expectant mother. “Caroline is the epitome of loyalty,” says Somizi, adding, “If she told the things that she’s seen [in my home], this world would end.”

Somizi thought that he’d leave his divorce in 2021, but it becomes the talking point this episode because his estranged husband Mohale Motaung is demanding 50% of his assets. 

The Idols SA judge maintains that Mohale won’t receive a cent from him, “Not even a toothpick,” adds Somizi.

What further complicates Somizi and Mohale’s case is that the couple didn’t register their marriage at the Department of Home Affairs, nor did they carry out lobola negotiations. In other words, their union wasn’t legally binding, despite the fact that they celebrated a wedding.

Somizi meets with his friend, TV personality Lerato Sengadi-Tsambo to discuss his divorce issues. Lerato points out that she somewhat relates to Somizi’s situation. Despite that fact she was traditionally married to deceased musician Jabulani Tsambo (popularly known as HHP), after he passed away, his family disputed her claims as his wife because the couple didn’t legally register their marriage. However, she contested their claims at the high court and eventually won. Like Lerato, Somizi prepares to fight back.

With Somizi’s daughter Bahumi on a mission to change her surname to Mhlongo, the choreographer meets with his babymama Palesa Madisakwane to talk over the upcoming name-changing ceremony. Palesa admits that she is frustrated that it has taken Somizi this long to proceed with the matter. “Now I’m asking myself whether Somizi is serious,” says Palesa. Somizi is committed to the process, though, and he vows to ensure that the ceremony takes place within the next three months.

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After a sensational vacation and an epic New Year’s Eve party in Cape Town with loved ones, Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo returns to his Johannesburg home to start on a clean slate. It’s a new year and he has a fresh perspective but his complicated divorce with Mohale Motaung is still on his mind.

To ease his worries about his marriage – which wasn’t legally notarised – he meets with his friend Lerato Sengadi-Tsambo, who’s kind-of been in his shoes. During their conversation, Somizi is shocked to learn that same-sex and heterosexual marriages aren’t weighed the same. “I thought that we live in a democratic country but [Lerato] seems to have more rights than me because I was in a same-sex marriage,” says Somizi.

Living The Dream With Somizi S5 episode 7 Somizi at th grave

And more legal mazes await as Somizi visits his parents’ gravesite before meeting with his babymama Palesa Madisakwane to discuss their daughter Bahumi’s intentions to change her surname to Mhlongo.

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