Living the Dream With Somizi Season 5 episode 9: Let the blessings reign!

By TVPlus4 July 2022

Living the Dream With Somizi Season 5 episode 9: Let the blessings reign!

Living The Dream With Somizi Season 5 episode 9 picks up on a cliff-hanger from episode 8, in which Somizi Mhlongo chats to his daughter Bahumi about possibly changing her surname to Mhlongo. However, the father and daughter are on different pages about the process and they fail to find a middle ground.

As it was revealed at the start of the season, Somizi requires Bahumi to conduct a traditional name-changing ceremony before she legally takes his surname, but she refuses. “What I’m essentially trying to tell my father is that I love my ancestors and I believe in them, but I don’t believe in engaging with them – it’s really that simple,” says Bahumi. The matter isn’t that straightforward for Somizi, though.

He respects Bahumi’s decision, but he puts his foot down. “We’ll have to slaughter an animal and she must speak to the ancestors if she wants the surname. She won’t get it by signing some documents,” says Somizi, adding, “We didn’t get this surname from the Department of Home Affairs. It was passed down to us by our ancestors.” Bahumi is disappointed but she accepts her father’s verdict.

After dinner, Somizi moves on to a lighter topic. Seeing that it’s Bahumi’s 28th birthday in a few days, he gifts her money, wrapped in a paper towel. Although Bahumi appreciates the gesture, she would rather have his presence, but Somizi reveals that he will be out of town on her birthday. “As usual,” says Bahumi, with a sigh. “I appreciate his money but it’s a quick way of dealing with me and that’s not what I want.”

Later, Somizi meets with his business associates at local sneaker brand Bathu to discuss his upcoming clothing store called Sompire Kids. The Idols SA judge is thrilled to get the ball rolling and get into business.

To end the episode, Somizi travels to KwaZulu-Natal to conduct a thanksgiving ceremony for his ancestors. Next week, Somizi will be spending time with his friends, and he’ll reveal that he’s back on the dating scene amid his divorce.

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Whether it’s spending time with his daughter Bahumi, growing his empire or discussing his spiritual side, Living the Dream With Somizi explores various facets of the media personality – Somizi Mhlongo’s fabulous life.

At the start of episode 9, Somizi and Bahumi engage in a tense conversation about changing her surname to Mhlongo – and it’s clear that the father and daughter are on opposing sides. While he proposes that she takes part in a traditional name-changing ceremony, she refuses, leading to a disagreement with her father.

Later, Bahumi celebrates her 28th birthday with her friends, and at the dinner party, she reveals that she was cast in a TV role. Meanwhile, Somizi meets with his team at Bathu headquarters, and they discuss the choreographer’s forthcoming clothing brand called Sompire Kids. Watch out, Sompire Kids is about to take over the world.

New episodes of Living the Dream With Somizi Season 5 land every Wednesday, only on Showmax, until 6 July 2022.

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