5 February 2020

Lockdown S5 kicks off with madness, betrayal and a coming storm

As the first three episodes of Lockdown landed on Showmax, we couldn’t wait to binge it immediately.

We’re super excited to see some incredible additions to the cast, including the likes of Patrick Ndlovu as Israel Cele, the new Commissioner, Molefi Monaisa as Siyanda, the Deputy Commissioner and Sophie Lichaba as Palesa, the head nurse at Kgotsong Asylum.

Let’s dive right in …

It’s been three months since the death of cult leader Masabata, and the corruption at the helm of Thabazimbi Women’s Correctional Facility has led to the appointment of a new Commissioner, Israel Cele. He vows to put an end to the chaos and mismanagement at the prison by closely interrogating those he suspects may be involved.

Interrogation time

The first scene of the first episode opens up with Governor Deborah in the hot seat. Debs is facing the heat after yet another death at her prison. As Israel exclaims: “Body bags are forever coming out of your prison!” On this brilliantly shot scene, the director takes us through different stories of these women with a careful eye on the grinding wheels of justice. Every one of them is put to the test.

Three episodes in and nobody has died – yet. It might seem a bit quiet for now, but the storm is coming. Arch-rivals MaZet and Tyson are running the prison yard together, and are seemingly getting along well. But like oil and water, the two don’t mix, and that sisterly love between them just cannot last.

Siya wants Debs to convince this duo to do something outrageous. Just like Debs, we also don’t know what that is. But it’s said to have something to do with the show’s new location, Kgotsong Asylum, which seems to be a key focus this season.

Monde betrays Katlego

After refusing to tell what she knows countless times, Monde ends up saying that her sister, Katlego, killed Masabata – a confession that has her reeling with guilt.

Katlego, who’s now a patient at Kgotsong Asylum, has taken on the mannerisms of her cult-leader. Yep, Katlego is currently serving us the head tilt/serpent moves just like Masabata. How creepy!

What’s also impressive about Season 5 is the new, unexpected alliances, the incorporation of current issues and the elements of comedy that lighten the mood at key moments. You also can’t help but marvel at the impressive performance each actor is bringing out of these characters.

Monde tries to win over Vicky

Monde is trying to mend her relationship with Vicky, but Vicky doesn’t seem to want to budge. After all, Monde has betrayed her so many times, revenge is the only thing she wants at this moment.

As the story hots up, everyone seems to have their own agenda. Slender is also drawn into the intrigue when she overhears a conversation between Tyson and Sue that she really shouldn’t have. A storm is definitely brewing.

Sophie Lichaba dazzles as Palesa

Sophie Lichaba as Palesa in Lockdown S5

It’s so exciting to see Sophie Lichaba’s storyline. People will resonate with her issues that involve matters of the heart and soul. Palesa is a broken woman dealing with depression while working at a psychiatric hospital – not the best environment for her. She’s also the side-chick of Siya, the deputy commissioner, who’s also Deborah’s lover.

This season is off to a great start. Every character’s story is developing, and we can’t wait to see what happens to them. From the prison cells to the wards of Kgotsong Asylum, Season 5 of Lockdown is going to be just as dramatic, horrific and entertaining as the previous seasons.

All ten episodes of Lockdown S5, plus all previous seasons, are now available to binge.

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