Lockdown S5: Tyson’s plans go south again

14 February 2020

Lockdown S5: Tyson’s plans go south again

Last week’s cliff-hanger left everyone astounded – was that really the end of the road for MaZet?

Attention: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched to the end of Lockdown S5, Episode 5!

The lowdown on the showdown

Here’s where the writers got us. We were so focused on Deborah and Siya’s hijacking mission that we totally forgot about the ongoing tension that was brewing between Tyson and MaZet.

Little did we know that Tyson saw the hijacking as the golden opportunity to finish off MaZet and secure her rule over the prison yards of Thabazimbi.

Tyson knows very well that her plan to kill Mazet’s daughter is no longer a secret, and even MaZet is aware of it.

At the end of Episode 5, we were all stunned that MaZet was dead. But now we realise that it was all part of MaZet’s brilliant plan to defeat Tyson. Tyson did a great job of pretending to be distraught at MaZet’s demise, but she didn’t realise that MaZet was onto her like a swarm of bees on a honeycomb.

Even though their friendship was so convincing, what were we thinking to believe that these two powerhouses could make peace? Tyson has now betrayed MaZet for the umpteenth time but she keeps forgetting that MaZet is always five steps ahead of her.

Monde and Vicky’s fling

Sparks are flying between Vicky and Monde, and their chemistry seems to be genuine. These two can’t keep their hands off each other, and there have been some steamy and intimate scenes.

By the looks of things, Vicky has forgiven Monde for all her wrongdoings but then again, Vicky is very unpredictable and could be stringing Monde along in her quest for revenge.

Monde is also finally able to see her little sister, Katlego, after betraying her during an interrogation session in the first episode. Maybe she’ll be able to find some kind of closure and peace.

A surprise cameo

In episode 7, there’s also a pleasant surprise in the form of a cameo appearance by a well-known actor. Watch the episode closer and see if you can spot the special guest!

All hell breaks loose at Kgotsong Asylum

We plunge back into the action at Kgotsong Asylum, and the next phase of Siya and Deborah’s mission to kill Israel. And everything that could go horribly wrong, does. There are some steamy moments, and the introduction of the Amapiano girls, and, as usual, Lockdown keeps us glued to our screens with every episode that’s released.

All ten episodes of Lockdown S5 are now available to binge.

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