Love Come Back S1

21 August 2020

Love Come Back S1

Our eyes meet, our stomachs flutter, and our hearts connect. Then slowly, the attraction fades and attention becomes a scarce commodity. We feel lonely when together, and we don’t even recognise who we used to be.

Sometimes the love boat sails into the sunset, but when it hit the rocks, the romance is over. Or is it? This is what Nollywood actor Ibrahim Suleiman explores in the new Africa Magic reality show Love Come Back.

How does it work? Each episode features a guest who wants to get back with their estranged partner. The guest narrates their story of love lost, then Suleiman interviews them and takes them to see Elizabeth, who plans and executes an idea to help them win back their ex.

We don’t just mean sweet talk, we mean a grand gesture: something extravagant and over the top to win back a lover’s heart!

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