QUIZ: Love to win? Here are the best shows for competitive people

2 May 2018

QUIZ: Love to win? Here are the best shows for competitive people

Humans are competitive creatures by nature but there are those who like to win more than others and would do anything to get to the top and stay there. These are the kind of people you don’t play strip poker with. At their best, they will rub off their winnings with every piece of clothing they force you to surrender. At their worst, they will accuse you of rigging the game just so you can gloat in their humiliation. Maybe I exaggerate a little but we all have that one competitive friend who should never be allowed anywhere near fun games – and still insists on supporting Arsenal.

Since we are already on the topic of competitiveness, let’s make some fun out of it. How competitive are you? Or better yet, let us help you choose the perfect bingeable series you should indulge in based on how competitive you are.

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