Loved Die Boekklub? Watch these next

5 October 2020

Loved Die Boekklub? Watch these next

The acclaimed writer and producer Louis Pretorius, Golden Horn Award for Best Achievement in Script in a TV Drama winner, wrote the hit series Die Boekklub, about a man who takes a trip to the Karoo and meets an eclectic group of people who will change his life forever.

Armand Aucamp stars as Tom Niemandt, with Jana Cilliers, Christia Visser, and more South African favourites in the cast of the heartwarming series. Fans will be pleased to know that all episodes of both seasons of Die Boekklub are streaming on Showmax.

Once you’ve binge-watched every single episode, try these shows that were also written by Louis Pretorius. They’re all streaming on Showmax.


Set in Cape Town, Fynskrif revolves around the events and staff members of law firm Van Wyk & Partners. There’s no courtroom drama though, as the firm focuses on civil, non-criminal matters.

But expect heaps of out-of-court drama as the characters’ personal lives overflow into the office. From divorce, marriage problems and difficult teens to the role of women in the workplace, the series tackles a variety of contemporary issues.

Each character approaches issues differently, which is clearly seen in the relationship between Hans van Wyk (Chris van Niekerk) and Ben van Wyk’s son (Neels van Jaarsveld). At one stage, Ben says to his father: “Cases are about people.” Hans, who manages personal matters coldly, answers: “There is always a cost: one wins, one loses. And you better make sure you’re the one who wins. It’s simply how it is. That’s how the law is.”

Fynskrif offers an interesting view of South African legislation through the various civil matters that the company handles, including a case in which two children are swapped at a hospital, and the suicide of a gospel singer after naked photos of her are leaked online.

And get ready for beautiful scenes of the Cape Town city centre, Stellenbosch and the surrounding area.

Famous guest stars like Milan Murray, Armand Aucamp (also in Die Boekklub, of course), Stian Bam, Illse Roos and Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp keep the episodes fresh and exciting.

Afrikaans audiences will recognise many of the lead actors including: Kim Cloete (Anne Matthews), Edwin van der Walt (Wian Marais), Tinarie van Wyk Loots (Lara Kruger) and Crystal Donna Roberts (Thandi Ndlovu).

All three seasons are available to binge-watch on Showmax.


This is a brand-new fan-favourite series written by Louis Pretorius.

Koos Kombuis narrates this light, coming-of-age love story that spans years and universes.

In one universe, Arthur Falko (Grant, Project Dina) and Melissa Myburgh (Lui Maar Op, Belinda) are seen as teenagers Sean and Mika. They are alone during the winter holidays while their friends are on holiday, and when they meet, a relationship begins that will define both of their lives.

In a parallel universe, it’s the beginning of 2019 and Sean and Mika are much older. Played by Armand Aucamp (yes, him again!) and Roeline Daneel (KrotoaJohnny Is Nie Dood Nie) respectively, they meet new people, consider giving love another chance, and think back to a winter holiday of many years ago and the forgotten dream of a friendship.

In between, Koos Kombuis appears as a cosmic storyteller.

Actress Tinarie van Wyk Loots (DwaalsterFynskrif) was in the director’s chair for this one.

New episodes arrive every week on Showmax.

Die Boland Moorde

Die Boland Moorde (The Boland Murders) is a procedural drama series following the murder mystery recipe established by successful series such as Midsomer Murders, Lewis and Vera. Each episode follows a crime story set against the background of Cape Town and the beautiful winelands of South Africa.

Warrant Officers Andre Fourie and Shane Williams have to solve a variety of murders with the assistance of their sharp and diverse team.

Both seasons are streaming on Showmax.

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