13 March 2024

Meet Rahama, Zainab, Aisha and Fatima on Sadau Sisters

Reality series are fast becoming a favourite genre for many TV lovers in Nigeria, and Showmax is not slowing down on delivering interesting shows anytime soon. 

If you’re a fan of reality TV, this latest Sadau Sisters is one for you, and there’s a good chance you’re curious to know even more about the personal lives of the cast. If you are new to the show, then you’re lucky, because a glimpse into the lives of these sisters might be all you need to keep you glued.

Sadau Sisters follows the lives of four sisters: Rahama, an award-winning actress and the star of the family; Aisha, a makeup artist; Fatima; a fashion model; and Zainab, a restaurateur. These sisters decide to move in together, navigating the intricacies of sisterhood and dealing with family traumas.

Here are some fascinating facts about these dynamic women: 

Rahama, the non-conformist

Rahama Sadua on Showmax Original Sadau Sisters

Rahama Sadau is known for being a non-conformist and often finds herself at the centre of controversy. Her favourite travel destination is Amsterdam, Netherlands — famous for its vibrant culture and picturesque canals. But that’s not all there is to Rahama. She has a secret talent for mimicking others, which can be entertaining. 

As for her tastes and preferences, Rahama’s odd food combination is bread and beans, which some people consider the best combination. One guilty pleasure that she admits to is missing phone calls, which can happen to the best of us. 

And she has a pet peeve – bragging. Rahama values humility and tries to stay down-to-earth. Being the oldest sister, Rahama holds a special place in her family and often talks about her beloved sisters.

Zainab, the cake connoisseur

Zainab Sadau on Showmax Original Sadau Sisters

Zainab Sadau, the immediate younger sister to Rahama, is known for her outspoken and fierce personality. Her favourite destination is Saudi Arabia, where she finds inspiration and tranquillity. 

She also has a secret talent for making realistic cake art. From lifelike flowers to adorable animals, Zainab can turn a simple cake into a masterpiece. 

When she’s not busy baking, she indulges in extreme workouts — her guilty pleasure. Sometimes, the most unexpected pairings turn out to be surprisingly delicious! Such is the case for Zainab, who enjoys the unusual combination of garri and beans. 

On the flip side, Zainab’s pet peeve is bragging, just like her older sister, Rahama. She values humility and believes in letting actions speak louder than words. So, if you ever meet her, remember to stay humble and down-to-earth!

Aisha, the sanity force

Aisha Sadau on Showmax Original Sadau Sisters

Aisha Sadau is the sanity force for all her sisters. She keeps everyone grounded and calm amid chaos. Aisha’s favourite destination is Saudi Arabia, where she finds peace and serenity. A lesser-known fact is she has a secret talent for making hair and cooking. She can create stunning hairstyles fit for royalty, and her cooking skills will leave you craving more. 

Aisha’s guilty pleasure is pimple popping. Yes, you read that right! It may sound gross to a few, but Aisha finds satisfaction in getting rid of those pesky pimples. 

Her pet peeve is slow people. She is always on the move and does things efficiently. 

Fatima, the cat whisperer

Fatima Sadau on Showmax Original Sadau Sisters

Fatima Sadau is always extremely sentimental about Rahama. Their bond is unbreakable, and they share a special sisterly connection that warms the heart. Fatima’s love for Rahama knows no bounds, and it’s heartwarming to see their strong relationship. Sisters stick together, right?

Fatima’s heart belongs to Machu Picchu in Peru. The breathtaking views and ancient ruins make it a dream destination for her. Her guilty pleasure is having midnight snacks. We can’t blame her; we’ve all been there, craving something to munch on in the middle of the night. Fatima knows the joy of indulging in a tasty treat when the moon is high. Her odd food combo is bread and custard. It might sound unusual, but sometimes, the best combinations come from unexpected pairings. 

Fatima also has a secret talent for caring for cats. She’s a true cat whisperer with a magical touch that makes feline friends feel right at home. It’s beautiful to see her bond with these adorable creatures. One fear that Fatima faces is glossophobia, which is the fear of public speaking. It’s a common fear that many people experience, but it doesn’t define them. Fatima’s determination and strength shine through as she faces this fear head-on.

The Sadau Sisters are a remarkable and beautiful bunch, each with unique personalities and talents. 

Join the sisters on their exciting journey with new episodes streaming every Tuesday, exclusively on www.showmax.com

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