Meet the cast of Diiche, Showmax’s first Nigerian Original limited series

29 September 2022

Meet the cast of Diiche, Showmax’s first Nigerian Original limited series

Showmax’s first limited drama series in Nigeria, Diiche, premieres today.

The six-part thriller series was directed by James Omokwe, Tolu Ajayi, Fiyin Gambo, and Ifeoma Chukwuego.

Watch the trailer for Diiche

Diiche’s stellar cast worked hard to bring the story to life. Read more about them and the characters they play on the show below.

Uzoamaka Onuoha plays Odiiche Anyanwu aka Diiche

Uzoamaka, who plays Diiche, graduated with a second-class upper from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), where she studied Theatre and Film. Relatively a new face in Nollywood, Uzo shares that Diiche is the most challenging role she has ever taken on, but she’s been preparing for the part for most of her life. After graduating from UNN, armed with theatre knowledge, she appeared in Omugwo, Stories by Her, Visa on Arrival, and more.

Speaking about her first reaction when called to star in Diiche, she confirmed it to be a ‘freezing moment’ for her. When asked what it felt like embodying the character Diiche, she
mentioned that she could relate to every aspect of Diiche’s life.

“Playing the character Diiche, I could summarise it to blood, sweat, and actual tears”, she said.

The character’s name, Diiche or Odiiche, means ‘different’ or ‘this one is different’.

Chinyere Wilfred plays Kesaandu Anyanwu

Chinyere Wilfred beautifully captured the role of Kesaandu Anyanwu, who is Diiche’s mother.
She is an award-winning actress and producer with about 30 years of experience in the movie and film industry. Some of her most popular features include Nneka the Pretty Serpent, Children of Terror, Boundless Love, Rattlesnake, Ponzi, and a list of others.

When asked about the drama series’ originality, she stated, “I think it will set the tone because of the story’s beauty. I have done a whole lot of stories, close to 200 films, but I will tell you that this story is different. I read the script, and it resonated with me. It’s something people would want to see more of. There is originality about the story that the audience would appreciate.”

Chinyere mentioned that she gets in her creative mode by reading and studying the story. She said, “I also try to interpret my character my way before I go on set.” In three words, she describes the movie to be ‘Stubborn. Lovable. Devilish’, and that just makes us anticipate it a little more.

Daniel Kanayo Daniel plays Nnamdi Nwokeji

Daniel Kanayo Daniel plays the role of Nnamdi Nwokeji, Diiche’s fiance and the film’s main subject. According to the teaser, someone killed him, and the whole series follows him, trying to figure out who took his life. This leads us to the question – ‘who killed Nnamdi?’

Daniel is a film actor, model, voice-over artist, and events compere. He started his career as a model, featuring in TV commercials and runway fashion shows. Since his acting career kicked
off, the 36-year-old has featured in a plethora of movies like Ladies Men, Matchmaker, Body of the King, Bambitious, Devil in Red, and others. He has received numerous awards and recognitions worthy of mention.

Daniel describes Nnamdi’s character as boisterous, controlling, and very cunning. When
asked what he loved about the production of Diiche, he said, “for me, what stood out was the
professionalism and will I say, togetherness; it was more like a family.”

Gloria Anozie Young plays Adaure Nwokeji

Gloria Anozie-Young plays the role of Nnamdi’s mum, Adaure Nwokeji, who is hell-bent on
finding out who killed her son. She’s a grieving mum on a mission, and she will go to any
length to prove that she’s right about her suspicions of who killed Nnamdi.

Gloria is an award-winning actress with about 30 years of experience in the film industry. She
has featured in over 70 movies throughout her acting career such as Glamour Girls, Passionate Appeal, Deadly Affair, and many others.

When asked what the viewers should expect from Diiche, she said, ‘Suspense! They should
expect a really great story. They should not think that they know the story from maybe the first or second episode because there are twists and turns until the very end.’

When getting into character, Gloria says the first thing she does is read the script. “I read my
lines and try to understand it. Then I internalise the role. I start to think of it. I start to imagine, I start to build the character up in my head, I even sometimes help out with costumes because that helps me with the character”, she said.

Uzoamaka Aniunoh plays Inspector Ijeoma Anene

Uzoamaka Aniunoh plays the role of Inspector Ijeoma, a no-nonsense young detective whose biggest mission is to uncover the truth behind the mystery of Nnamdi’s death.

Uzoamaka is an experienced actress and writer who has slowly earned her place in Nollywood, appearing in films like MTV Shuga, Rumor Has It, Ije, Sister Rose, and many others. Netng listed her as one of 17 actresses to watch out for in 2021, and Showmax honoured her as part of thirty ladies in its International Women’s Day celebrations earlier this year.

Before going on set, Uzoamaka mentions that she is “very big on affirmation. I look into the mirror and tell myself you’re awesome, beautiful, and talented. Sometimes, the mind can be tricky, so it’s important that you say it over and over again to yourself and believe it so that when you go in, you give it your best.”

When asked about the originality and quality of the movie series Diiche, she shares, ‘Showmax already set the tone with Diiche. Other people coming after this will have to come correct in terms of story and originality. It’s a thriller, but when we think of a thriller, we think Western. Showmax showed us that it’s possible to do a Nigerian story with guns and investigators doing their jobs.’ Uzoamaka describes the character she played as empathetic, focused, and current.

Frank Konwea plays Inspector Dipo Kazeem

Frank Konwea plays the role of Senior Inspector Dipo Kazeem on Diiche. Coming off the success of his Africa Magic show, Riona, where he played ‘Ofotokun’, Diiche is yet another series Frank will conquer with brilliant acting and ease.

He is an actor, professional dancer, and art consultant. He was also a housemate in the Big Brother Season 1 edition and has featured in films like Dede’s Bride and several stage plays.

Diiche is now showing on Showmax with new episodes dropping Thursdays.

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